Adobe conducted its traditional annual Emoji Trend Report. To do this, back in the spring, company analysts interviewed 5,000 Americans to find out their preferences and features of using emoji. The results have just been published.

It turned out that 88% of respondents feel more empathy for those who insert emoji into their messages, and 75% feel more connected with such people. Also, 92% said that thanks to emoji they feel more confident when communicating with a language barrier. This is logical, because in text communication the tone of the phrase is often difficult to convey – that’s why people smooth phrases with emoticons, even when they are not actually laughing.

The authors of the study also decided to find out which emoji are most often used to express romantic interest – and how they are perceived by the recipients of such emojis. The best impression is made by emoji faces, the expression of which is easy to interpret unambiguously: an air kiss ( ), a smiling face with hearts ( ) and heart eyes ( ).

The top three most unfortunate emoji for flirting are a pile of feces ( ), an angry face ( ) and an eggplant ( ). If you’re among the majority (72% of those surveyed) who use emoji when talking to people you’re interested in, these symbols are best avoided.

Here are some more findings from the study:

  • 2 out of 5 respondents are not satisfied with the representation options in existing emoji: there are no symbols for them that are suitable for skin color, age, culture or physical characteristics.
  • People mostly get the meanings of different emojis right, but there are exceptions: upside down face ( ), cherries ( ), and cowboy with a hat ( ).
  • 74% of people Generation Z use emoji in a non-literal sense. Among other age groups, this percentage is lower: 65% for millennials48% Generation X and only 24% boomers.
  • The use of emoji differs between users of different genders. So, 76% of men and 68% of women flirt with emoticons. When discussing a breakup, emojis are used by 27% of men and only 15% of women.

What emojis attract and repel you? Tell in the comments!

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