New research from StockApps analysts reveals just how much information five of the world’s biggest tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook*, Google and Twitter want to know about their users.

According to published data, Apple cares about user safety the most. In addition to initiatives to reduce surveillance by other services, the company itself tries not to abuse access to user information. The report states that Apple only stores “information necessary to maintain user accounts.”

So, Apple tracks only 12 types of data, while Google tracks as many as 39. Data types include different geolocation tracking mechanics, request histories in different applications, activity on third-party sites, and more. According to experts, this distribution of companies in the ranking may be due to the fact that Apple relies on ad revenue less than Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Illustration: StockApps

Surprisingly, Facebook*, which is constantly accused of spying on user data on the Web, performed only slightly worse than Apple, while Twitter and Amazon took a solid middle ground: they collect twice as much as Apple, but 15-16 points less than Google.

The research methodology is not disclosed, but the authors refer to the DigitalInformationWorld resource, which regularly publishes the results of surveys and market analysis related to cybersecurity and brand trust.

*Activities of Meta Platforms Inc. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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