Roborock showed a line of upright vacuum cleaners Smart Floor Scrubber A10. The series includes two models: the basic Roborock A10 and Roborock A10 Plus with a double roller brush, which the manufacturer calls intelligent. A10 has only one brush.

Illustration: Roborock

The power of the motors of both versions is 17 kPa, but the autonomy of the models is different: if the Roborock A10 works 50 minutes without recharging, the A10 Plus can only withstand 40 minutes.

Another important feature of Roborock’s new products is a two-way self-cleaning mechanism. It should keep the device clean even under heavy load.

Illustration: Roborock

The device can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. There are two containers for this: for clean water for 900 ml and for used water for 770 ml. The second is needed for the drying mode. The vacuum cleaner syncs with the Roborock app, where you can change cleaning and drying modes, as well as monitor the charge level.

Illustration: Roborock

Roborock Smart Floor Scrubber A10 is priced at 2,199 yuan (≈19,000 rubles), while A10 Plus costs 2,999 yuan (≈25,900 rubles). Both models are already on sale in China and will be available on AliExpress soon.