The tech review site SimpleGhar has launched a page where you can see the history of phone cameras: from the Sharp J-SH04, the first mobile phone with a camera, to the current flagships of Apple, Google, Samsung and Sony.

The matter was not limited to static pictures: in the comparison block, you can select specific device models and the type of photo (portrait, nature or city photography). So you can see how the capabilities of old smartphones and new ones compare, and also see how cameras from different manufacturers released at the same time differed.

Also on the site you can see the evolution of cameras from individual manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Google.

To create the project, the authors did not walk the streets, making the same shot on several dozen devices, but developed special filters that simulate shooting on specific phones. The resolution, color reproduction and other parameters of each camera were taken into account: you can’t mix up frames from the first iPhone and Sony Ericsson k850i of the same year.

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