Sony has announced an official licensed controller for the iPhone, developed by Backbone. The device is sharpened for games on a smartphone – both mobile and console, available through Remote Play.

Image: backbone

The gadget was called Backbone One PlayStation Edition. It has a sliding design that allows you to fix the smartphone in a horizontal orientation. Suitable for all sizes, from iPhone 13 Mini to iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Image: backbone

The layout of the buttons and sticks is about the same as the Xbox controller, but visually it is more reminiscent of Sony’s DualSense.

Image: backbone

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition is powered directly from the iPhone via the Lightning port, and can be connected to the network itself. The controller also has a standard headphone audio port.

In this form, the controller will be exclusive to the iPhone. Its price was $100. Later, an analogue from Backbone for Android devices should be presented.