In early August, Logitech announced that it would be releasing a cloud gaming console with Tencent. It will be a portable set-top box that will be able to run games from GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming services. Later, the official website of the company revealed the name: Logitech G Gaming Handheld. Now insider Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) published console images.

Illustration: Logitech, evleaks

The photos have already been removed from the original tweet due to copyright infringement, but they have survived on the Internet.

The design of the device resembles Steam Deck or even Nintendo Switch Lite. But, unlike these devices, the Logitech set-top box works through the cloud, which means that we have a gadget with the capabilities of a smartphone that has received custom firmware in a case adapted for games.

One of the photos on the screen shows shortcuts to Google Play, Xbox, GeForce Now, Steam, Chrome and YouTube. An icon in the form of a letter is also visible – it is not clear whether this hints at some kind of social functions for communication between users, or if this is just an email client. Profile, settings, gallery, and console shutdown icons are also visible.

Illustration: Logitech, evleaks

While the launch date of the console is unknown, but the Logitech website already has a stub page where you can leave an email to be among the first to know the details. Considering that the company announced its withdrawal from Russia, it is not worth waiting for official sales of the set-top box in the country.