Surfing the Web is the backbone of many professionals, and often even the simplest tasks involve a large number of open tabs. The TabBrew plugin will help you not to get confused in them and quickly find the ones you need.

This extension analyzes all open tabs, sorts them according to predefined filters and displays them in a convenient list. From there, pages can be saved, merged, opened in separate windows, and more.

TabBrew’s interface is quite simple and is displayed in all new tabs: on the left is a side menu, on the right are open pages and a toolbar with actions.

Several preset filters are configured by default. To add a new one, just click New Tab Filter, specify its name, keywords in the page name (there may be several), and also select a color. After that, all tabs, regardless of windows, will be displayed in the corresponding group.

In addition to the names of groups and filters, there is a toolbar here. With their help, you can end the session in all tabs in one click, move them to a separate window, save them for quick recovery in the future, as well as close only duplicates, sort pages and combine content from several windows into one.

There are five groups of tabs available in the free version of TabBrew, there are no other restrictions. To unlock the Pro version, you need to subscribe for $2 per month.

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