The Pova line from Tecno consists of large-sized smartphones that have always surprised us with features and price. The new Tecno Pova 3 is no exception. This is a device with a 6.9-inch display and a 7000 mAh battery, which lasts for 8 hours in games or resource-intensive applications. Also, the gadget was equipped with powerful stereo speakers and fast charging up to 33 watts.

The smartphone looks more expensive than it actually is. Photo: mobile-review.com

Equipment and design

The phone is packed in a two-color box with holography on the sides. When the lid is opened, the buyer sees a smartphone with a sticker on the glass listing the main features of the gadget. The back cover is protected by a regular film. Under the phone in the box is a 33W charger, cable, silicone case, protective glass and a set of documentation.

The back cover of Tecno Pova 3 is made of plastic, but it looks expensive. A glossy strip runs vertically in the middle. There are three body colors: silver, black and blue. There are also small glossy inserts on the sides on the back of the case.

Camera lenses are simply built into the body. They didn’t make any platform for them – just three eyes and a flash nearby. Looks concise and stylish. The frame around the perimeter of the case looks like it’s metal, but it’s just high-quality plastic. But the phone turned out not too heavy.

For a memory card, the manufacturer has created a separate tray. Photo: mobile-review.com

On the left side of the case are trays for two SIM-cards and microSD for expanding the built-in memory. On the opposite side of the phone placed the volume and power buttons. The latter has a built-in fingerprint scanner. On the top of the case there is only a speaker, and at the bottom there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB Type-C for charging.

Large 6.9″ display

The novelty was equipped with a large screen with a diagonal of 6.9 ″ and a resolution of 2460×1080 pixels. This is an IPS-matrix with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The pixel density is 389 ppi. This means that it is almost impossible to see individual dots on the screen. It is pleasant to watch videos and photos, chat in instant messengers and play on it.

Against the background of smartphones with typical 6.5-inch displays, Tecno Pova 3 looks impressive. The maximum screen brightness reaches 500 nits. Under direct sunlight, there are no problems with the readability of the display: text, photos, videos – everything is clearly visible.

The display has good color reproduction and wide viewing angles. Photo: mysmartprice.com

In the smartphone settings, you can turn on the eye protection mode, in which the color scheme changes slightly – it becomes warmer. There is also a function of adaptive brightness adjustment and a night theme of the interface.

Device performance

The phone has an 8-core Mediatek Helio G88 chip with a maximum frequency of 2000 MHz. It is based on the 12 nm process technology. This is a mid-range processor that can handle even the latest games, but at low or medium settings. For the operation of the interface, its power is enough in full.

The performance of the smartphone is enough even for the demanding game PUBG, but not at the maximum graphics settings. Photo: mobile-review.com

The Mali-G52 MP2 is responsible for graphics processing. It is complemented by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The Memory Fusion function, implemented in a smartphone, allows you to virtually expand the amount of RAM due to the permanent one. You can also insert a microUSB card into your phone.

Features of Tecno Pova 3 cameras

There are three modules in the main unit of the smartphone. The main one has a resolution of 50 megapixels and is equipped with autofocus. The aperture is impressive – f / 1.6. This indicator is characteristic of flagships such as the Galaxy S21 FE from Samsung. The phone shoots well in good light – the pictures are clear, detailed and with the right color reproduction.

In terms of color reproduction, Tecno Pova 3 outperforms the Samsung Galaxy M51, which costs even a little more. Photo: republicworld.com

The second module of the main camera is a 2-megapixel depth sensor. He is responsible for creating the bokeh effect – blurring the background in portrait mode. It works quite accurately, smearing the desired areas and accurately separating them from the main object.

In good lighting conditions, the smartphone takes pictures with high detail. Photo: root-nation.com

The third camera module works on the basis of an artificial intelligence system. It recognizes the scenes in the frame and selects the optimal settings for them: color gamut, contrast, sharpness, color temperature. Pictures are automatically processed after shooting, but this can be turned off.

In low light conditions, the phone shoots worse, but for the money it is not bad. For night shooting there is a Super Night mode. The main thing when using it is to hold the smartphone evenly.

Night mode is not ideal, but do not forget about the budget of the gadget. Photo: mobile-review.com

There is no support for 4K video. The maximum resolution is 2K at 30 frames per second. There is built-in digital stabilization and you can even turn on bokeh mode when shooting to blur the background.

The camera application has a standard interface: basic settings on top, and a mode switch and a button for shooting at the bottom. If you click on the “More” button, you can go to advanced options.

Record autonomy Tecno Pova 3

The creators of Tecno Pova 3 installed a capacious battery in the smartphone – 7000 mAh. It provides impressive autonomy. At medium brightness, the display and with Wi-Fi turned on, the phone lasts more than 15 hours in the PCMark test, which simulates typical daily user tasks: surfing the Internet, editing photos, watching videos and documents.

The battery charge is enough for two days. In other tests, the results are also impressive:

  • watching YouTube – 20 hours;
  • playing PUBG – almost 8 hours;
  • surfing the net – 23 hours.

The smartphone is sold with a 33 W power supply that charges the phone up to 100% in exactly two hours. In an hour, the battery restores 70% of its capacity.

The kit included a 33-watt charger and a Type-C cable. Photo: root-nation.com

To increase the already good autonomy, the manufacturer has added an ultra-power saving mode. In it, only calls, SMS messages and a calendar are available to the user. In this mode, the battery lasts for two weeks. A useful feature if you are hiking and are afraid to miss an important call.

Another useful option helps to optimize the smartphone for user requirements. For example, you can make the phone switch to “airplane mode” at specified hours – for example, at night. Also, the gadget always analyzes which applications consume a lot of energy and suggests making adjustments.

Should I buy Tecno Pova 3?

The price of a smartphone is 16,000 rubles, and it is fully justified. This is a good budget gadget with a large screen, suitable for gaming and equipped with a capacious battery.

Users who are not interested in mobile games will also appreciate this gadget. A good amount of RAM (6 GB), a powerful processor, fast charging and a stylish design – all this made Tecno Pova 3 one of the best budget smartphones in 2022.