Telegram spoke about the next update of the messenger, which added the much-desired opportunity to prohibit sending voice and video messages (“circles”).

This is done in the privacy settings, where, if necessary, you can set exceptions by specifying users who can bypass your restriction. Only subscribers can take advantage of these features.

What else is new in Telegram:

  • The messenger has a platform for creating unique emoji. Premium users will be able to use them in messages or captions for photos and videos. Such emoji will be visible to all users, and anyone can add them to their Favorites.
  • Telegram Premium can now be gifted for a period of three, six or twelve months. To do this, a separate menu appeared in the settings. Users of the desktop or Android version of the application can make such a gift through the bot.
  • The iOS app has a new sticker panel that lets you easily switch between emoji and GIFs (just like on Android).
  • Also, the messenger has acquired new interactive emoji that respond to clicks in personal chats.

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