Pavel Durov in his channel spoke about the appearance in Telegram of support for new links to the profile in the format username.t.me or https://username.t.mewhere username – Username. They will work as they have been available for a long time. t.me/username – in any browser. After clicking, it will open the messenger and the specified contact.

Such a link can be sent to any other user that you need to contact. This will be useful if you don’t want to show your phone number or are just looking for an audience for your blog.

Durov also noted that until recently, 70% of all Telegram usernames were reserved in inactive channels by cybersquatters from Iran. This created a graveyard of dead usernames that cluttered search results and made it difficult for others to select appropriate public addresses for accounts, groups, and channels.

Users who wanted these reserved names were often not answered or were deceived. Now everything will change: in mid-August, Telegram developers removed all public addresses associated with channels that were empty or inactive for the past year. Now these addresses will gradually return to public use. Therefore, if you wanted to get a beautiful name, but it was always taken, you should try to do it again.

As for the most expensive short usernames, the most efficient and fair way to allocate them is through an auction, Durov added. In other words, beautiful short names will sell. Buying such a name and address can motivate users to create original content and grow the community.

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