Neil Agarwal launched Design the Next iPhone or “Design a New iPhone” web service. This is a subsite where any user can fantasize about the look of the next Apple smartphone.

The main page of the service offers a convenient editor where you need to start “designing” from an empty blank, adding cameras, connectors, buttons, and so on to it – all this is available in the menu below.

In addition to the usual elements, there is even an Android logo, a long-vanished Home button, an HDMI port, a telescopic antenna, a quadrocopter propeller and even a steering wheel – the further down the list, the higher the degree of absurdity.

At the end, you can see a presentation of your new product with an indication of the resulting price and Tim Cook’s words about another breakthrough. A video with a 3D model of the device can be saved.

Open Design the Next iPhone →

By the way, the presentation of new iPhone models is expected on September 7, exactly two weeks later.

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