“Yandex” for the first time in its history will change the main page

Image: Yandex

On August 23, it was announced that Yandex had agreed to sell Zen and News services to VK. This will entail a change in the main page of the search engine – now it will be ya.ru with a universal search and “Alice”.

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Apple will hold a new presentation on September 7 – now official

Image: Apple

The next Apple presentation will take place on September 7th. Previously, there were already rumors about this, and now the company has confirmed this information by sending out invitations to the event. It is there that they will present a new line of iPhones.

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Researchers find out how many types of data Apple, Google and other companies collect about you

Image: Stock Apps

New research from StockApps analysts reveals just how much information five of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Apple and Google, want to know about their users.

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Astronomers have found a potentially habitable planet completely covered in water

Frame from the movie “Interstellar”

An international team of scientists led by researchers from the University of Montreal announced the discovery of the exoplanet TOI-1452 b, the entire surface of which is covered with water. In theory, there could be life.

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Stable Diffusion neural network released. It generates pictures according to the description

Image: Lifehacker, Stable Diffusion

The developers of the Stable Diffusion neural network, previously available only in beta, have released the project to the public. Now anyone can try the service for converting text queries into images.

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