The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation launched the russoft.ru website with programs for PCs and smartphones included in the register of Russian software. More than 1000 applications are now available in the catalog.

All programs are divided into categories, including:

  • business efficiency (1C, AGORA, AXELOT, etc.);
  • development tools (Web CAD SDK, Veda Platform, etc.);
  • office, communications, entertainment (Aktion 360, ATACH, etc.);
  • information security (Kaspersky Internet Security, REWTAS, etc.);
  • system software (ACCENTOS, TrustViewerPro, etc.).

Software can be selected by operating system, developer, or industry, such as healthcare, telecommunications, education, and so on. Also in the search, you can type the name of foreign software to find a domestic analogue.

From the page of each program in the catalog, you can go to its official website for purchase and download.