Experts from iFixit have already disassembled the new iPhone 14. They confirmed that Apple has indeed redesigned smartphones to make it easier to repair them yourself. And that makes sense, given that the company recently launched a self-service platform for iPhones and MacBooks.

The iFixit analysis showed that the changes were not limited to a removable rear window, which is now much easier and cheaper to change. The display is also easy to replace due to the metal plate that separates it from the rest of the components and makes it easier to remove the screen. Thus, the smartphone is quite easy to open both front and back.

According to iFixit, this design is more maintainable than most Android smartphones, which are easy to open from the back but not from the front. For example, Galaxy smartphones can easily change the back cover, but getting to the display is not an easy task, because in the process you need to disassemble the entire gadget, and after replacing the display, assemble it back piece by piece.

The metal frame of the iPhone 14 retains the same structural rigidity as the previous generation series, but the speaker and front camera have been moved slightly, making them easier to access too.

In conclusion, the iFixit expert says that the iPhone 14 is Apple’s most repairable smartphone since the iPhone 7, released in 2016. Of course, it is far from Fairphone, but the improvement is noticeable.

But from the purchase of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in an extended review on the iFixit website, it is recommended to refuse if the availability of repairs is important to you. The analysis of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has not yet been released, but it is noted that the old architecture has been preserved in the Pro models. This means that replacing the rear glass will be as difficult and expensive as the iPhone 13 Pro.