Last Thursday, August 11, Pavel Durov said that the upcoming update of Telegram “will revolutionize the way people express their thoughts when exchanging messages.” Already on August 12, the messenger began to be updated – the long-awaited function of blocking voice and video messages appeared, as well as a platform for creating unique emoji. However, judging by the new message of Paul, the revolution was not at all in this.

In his channel, the founder of Telegram said that Apple, which had previously delayed updating the mobile application of the messenger, demanded that better vector animated versions of all standard emoticons be removed from the latest version of Telemoji. Probably, this innovation was one of the key ones.

According to Durov, Telemoji could significantly enrich the messenger. However, the fact that until they are added, there were also pluses.

This is a puzzling move on Apple’s part because Telemoji would bring a whole new dimension to low-res static emoji and greatly enrich their ecosystem. But this is good for Telegram in the long run, as now we will make Telemoji even more unique and recognizable.

Pavel Durov

founder of Telegram

When to wait for Telemoji is not yet reported.

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