As part of the September presentation, Apple introduced its first ultra-durable watch Watch Ultra. They received a titanium case that meets the military standard MIL-STD 810H, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. How strong the watch is, bloggers from the TechRax YouTube channel decided to check.

The authors of the video conducted three simple tests:

  • the watch was dropped on concrete with the screen down, which led to the appearance of several small chips on the titanium case;
  • the clock was immersed in a jar of screws, which was subjected to a strong shake – there were practically no marks on the gadget;
  • the clock was beaten with a hammer – the gadget withstood mild blows, but then turned off, remaining unharmed.
frame from TechRax / YouTube video

At the end of the last test, the bloggers decided to finish off the gadget by inflicting several very strong blows on the front cover and the back cover. This glass, of course, could not stand it, as well as the table that gave up first.

Recall that pre-orders for a new generation of Apple smartwatches have already been opened in Russia. Watch Ultra can be bought for 84,990 rubles.

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