A new interesting gadget has appeared on Kickstarter: a 40,000 mAh Ifory power bank with support for fast charging.

Illustration: Itorytech

The 154 Wh battery is enough to charge an iPhone 13 10 times or a MacBook 2 times. Moreover, you can charge equipment at the same time: there are two USB-C (power up to 65 W) and two USB-A ports (up to 22.5 W). The total output power is 100 watts. The power bank itself can be charged from a wall outlet or solar panels.

Illustration: Itorytech

The power bank has a built-in LCD display that displays information about the remaining capacity and output power.

Illustration: Itorytech

It also has a built-in 500 lumen LED flashlight. It offers three brightness modes, and a cooling system is provided to protect the battery. The gadget is protected by a drop-resistant double-layer aluminum case with an IP67 waterproof rating.


The powerbank can already be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for 777 Hong Kong dollars (≈6,300 rubles), a mini version with 23,750 mAh and a power of 65 W is also offered – it costs 620 Hong Kong dollars as part of crowdfunding ≈5,100 rubles). The campaign will run until November 19, with orders expected to ship in December.

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