VK has prepared a major update of the VKontakte mobile application. The update will take place in several stages and will be available to all users within a few months.

The news feed of the social network is getting a global redesign with a focus on vibrant media formats and the need for users to receive information quickly. The focus is on aesthetic presentation and deep engagement with the content.

  • VK said that the new content design was based on the simplification of interface elements and the unification of formats. Now the layout of the tape will look good on any device – thanks to three options for aspect ratio: 1:1, 3:4 and 4:3.
  • In addition, short posts will now be fully displayed in the feed, and longer posts will open fully on click.
  • Also, VKontakte will show a photo of the author of the original post in the community if one of the users reposts it. According to the developers, this will shift the focus of the social network to copyright content.
  • And finally, in the social network, it will be possible to put likes with a double tap on any part of the post. At the same time, when scrolling the feed under the posts, it will not be displayed which of the friends reacted to this or that publication.

In the future, VK plans to continue a large-scale update of the application. The updates will affect the “Services” section, as well as the appearance of the profile and communities.

The current update will be available to some users on August 9th. Later it will be distributed on a larger scale.

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