In working or educational projects, it is important to correctly systematize information, as well as quickly make changes and additions in command mode. Whimsical, an online service for creating and editing text documents, diagrams, maps with information, plans and templates for the design of applications and websites, will help with this.

The service allows you to create separate spaces for different tasks, gather participants into teams and distribute tasks by direction. Integration with third-party applications (Notion, GitHub, Asana, Coda) helps simplify and speed up the workflow.

In Whimsical, you can create projects from scratch or use templates. For beginners, there are examples with explanations for each type of document.

Ready-made design options are easy to save as your own templates, which are quickly accessed from the main menu on the left side of the interface.

There are two ways to invite colleagues to work on a document: by e-mail or by a generated link through any messenger. For added members, there is a customizable access level: read only, the ability to comment, and fully open editing.

The Whimsical Docs text editor is similar in design and features to a service from Google. It has all the necessary tools for processing documents in collaboration mode.

To create diagrams, idea maps, diagrams and other projects, a system in the form of online boards with infinite space is used. Here you can place text, stickers, forms, icons, images, links. There is also a freehand drawing tool.

Project contributors with the appropriate access can post comments on specific elements and lines. All comments added to the document can be viewed as a list using the button in the upper right menu. The finished file is easy to save as a picture, print or embed in a web page.

Whimsical is available for free, but with limitations. A maximum of 10 people can work on one document at the same time, and you can create up to 500 items on a shared project. The calculation includes almost everything – from files to paragraphs in the text.

For voluminous tasks with a large number of participants, a paid subscription is required. It costs $12 per month.

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