When did the letter “i” appear in Apple gadgets

Many products, such as iPhone, iPad or iOS, cannot do without the letter “i” in the name. But what does it really mean and why has such a simple letter become a hallmark of Apple devices?

The small “i” first appeared at Apple in the iMac, which was introduced more than 20 years ago – in 1998. However, the myth that “i” means “I” (from Alg. “I”) is a delusion. At the presentation of the iMac, Steve Jobs personally explained what he means by this letter.

First of all, “i” means “Internet”. At the time of the iMac release, the World Wide Web was just beginning to gain popularity – and most people wanted to buy a gadget that would allow them to quickly and easily access the Internet. The iMac was supposed to be just such a device.

What else does “i” mean in iPhone, iOS and other names

In addition to the “Internet”, Steve Jobs listed other meanings of the iconic letter. It can also stand for the English words individual, instruct, inform and inspire.

After the overwhelming success of the iMac, most Apple products also received a small “i” – both devices and software. Therefore, the name of the first Apple smartphone was also predetermined: in 2007, the iPhone appeared with the already familiar “i” prefix.

Where did the “i” go on the Apple Watch and Apple TV?

Sometimes Apple product names don’t have an extra letter: Apple Watch and Apple TV do without the “i”. Largely because the access of the device to the Internet today is no longer a key feature, but it goes without saying – which means that the prefix “i” is no longer really needed. After all, the word “Apple” in the product name also clearly indicates the manufacturer.

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