Xiaomi showed an unusual smart home gadget – Mijia Smart Pillow. Thanks to a set of sensors, it is able to track your heartbeat, breathing, body movements and even snoring. Based on this data, the AI ​​algorithm generates a report about the sleep session, which is then available in the application on the smartphone.

Illustration: Xiaomi

The pillow can be added to the Mi Home app and synchronized with other devices in the ecosystem. For example, you can set the air purifier to go to sleep and turn off the lights in the entire apartment when you go to bed.

Everything is powered by four AAA batteries, which will last for 60 days of operation. The compartment for them was taken out to the controller, which is stored in the outer pocket, it also has a button for synchronization with a smartphone.

Illustration: Xiaomi

Otherwise, this is an ordinary pillow 10 cm high on one side and 12 cm on the other (you can sleep on any), with a bend to support the shoulder and neck. She is cotton. The inner pillowcase has an antibacterial coating with silver ions, which retains 90% of its properties after 20 washes. The outer is made of DuPont MSorona bio-down composite fabric. This fiber is soft, durable and stain resistant at the same time.

First, Mijia Smart Pillow will appear on Xiaomi Mall crowdfunding, where it can be pre-ordered for 259 yuan (≈ 2,300 rubles). It will go on open sale later, but the price will rise slightly: up to 299 yuan, or about 2,600 rubles.