Yandex has added to its browser the technology of automatic voice-over translation of live broadcasts on YouTube. While it works in open beta testing mode – only with certain channels from a special playlist.

Among them:

  • education: English Speeches, TED, TEDx;
  • space: NASA, SpaceX;
  • games: IGN, The Game Awards;
  • technology: Apple, CNET Highlights, Google, Google Developers, TechCrunch
  • business: Business Insider, Freeinvesting;
  • interview: Overlap.
Image: Yandex

Automatic voice-over translation of live broadcasts complements the technology of voice translation of video and interactive subtitles. The technology works on the basis of a neural network, which is able to start translating a sentence even before it is finished.

The function is available only in Yandex Browser, starting from version 22.7.2 for Mac and Windows.

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