A gasoline-powered car or an electric car, one thing is clear, the concept of road traffic will change significantly in the next decade. We bring you 10 of the most exciting automotive innovations we’d like to see in real life starting in 2020.

oneInexpensive electric car with a long range

Volkswagen ID Crozz is supposed to autonomously drive more than 500 kilometers on electricity. Powerful electric crossover from 2020 will go into mass production. However, it will still be significantly more expensive than, for example, the Golf and is therefore designed from the ground up for carsharing and carpooling, which will most likely form the basis of the electric future of road traffic.

2 Rest at 200 km/h: Level 3 Autonomous Driving

10 auto innovations that will become a reality by 2020
Hands-free driving on the track: It won’t be long before the Level 3 autonomous driving concept comes to life (Photo: Audi)

At the latest in 2020 or 2021, vehicles will be on the market that will be able to drive fully autonomously while driving on the highway in some areas. With the touch of a button, you hand over control to the autopilot, and you can devote your time to other things, such as phone calls, reading or watching movies. Even now, this is sometimes possible using the “Traffic Assistant” in traffic jams on the Audi A8.

3 The decline of the age of dominance of gasoline and diesel engines

With the advent of alternative types of engines powered by electricity and hydrogen, a crusade began against such “sinners” before nature as cars with diesel and gasoline engines. The promotion of alternative types of engines was slowed down by the fact that environmentally friendly electric cars were not able to compete with their older brothers in terms of power. The situation may change due to the emergence of so-called HCCI engines. The Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine mode means that the engine either operates like a diesel or a gasoline engine depending on the load, while it shows an excellent efficiency of 40 percent and low emission of harmful substances.

four Like a train on a highway: a power line for trucks

10 auto innovations that will become a reality by 2020
Electric lines for trucks could make gasoline-powered vehicles virtually unnecessary (Photo: Scania CV AB).

With the help of power lines on highways, it is possible to effectively electrify freight traffic. To do this, it will be necessary to install a battery in the truck, the battery life of which will be enough for 50-80 kilometers, in addition, it will be regularly charged from power lines. The benefits of this potential innovation are that you don’t have to pay for fuel, the noise level for local residents will decrease, and the sun will no longer hide behind clouds of smog.

5 “Platuning” formation of “smart” convoys

Trucks connected in one column can electronically interact with each other and move with a minimum distance one after another. Air resistance and fuel consumption are reduced, more trucks can travel on the highway at the same time, and in addition, trailer trucks can drive autonomously. Only in the lead car should there be a driver carefully following the road. A vision of the future that could change the logistics system forever, and Tesla has already taken the first steps in this direction.

6 Apartments with cars?

The number of affordable housing is constantly becoming smaller in large Russian cities. In Asian megacities, residential buildings have long ceased to be planned with the expectation of having one parking space per residential unit, because there is simply not enough free space for this. To combat this problem, the owners of residential complexes could provide their tenants with a small fleet of vehicles for use at a low cost.

7 Induction motors: high performance on a small footprint

10 auto innovations that will become a reality by 2020
The Brusa engine is capable of delivering huge power in a small footprint (Photo: Brusa).

Asynchronous motors operate at high speeds and achieve huge performance figures. The Brusa engine delivers up to 220 kW (300 hp) and is so small that it can be easily fitted to each wheel. Compared to it, the 8-cylinder V8 engine already looks outdated.

eight Carpooling: Autonomous car sharing

With the help of already existing technology, it is possible to improve the situation with the traffic situation in urban agglomerations. Using applications that work with travel companion search services, it would be possible to automatically select the next passing car and notify the driver and potential passengers.

9 Level 5 Autonomous Driving: Driverless Taxi

10 auto innovations that will become a reality by 2020
Rest behind the wheel: what does the car of the future look like? (Photo: BMW AG)

The ideal goal for the development of autonomous vehicles is as follows: starting from 2022, driverless cars should move both in the city center and along residential streets. If necessary, such a car can be called using the appropriate application. Technology really in a couple of years should reach such a degree of development that will help realize the concept of autonomous driving of the fifth level. Whether the legislation will be able to quickly adapt to such a situation and create the necessary legal framework for autonomous driving is still in question.

ten Cinema in the car

BMW’s idea of ​​having a large video screen for rear-seat passengers may seem a little over the top, but in autonomous cars, passenger entertainment will play a very different role than it does today. For example, a movie can be viewed on the windshield, or a game console can be integrated into the dashboard.

How many of these trends will become a reality is difficult to say.

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