Flowerpot is now a robot

An engineer from the Chinese company Vincross, which develops quite serious robots, loves plants very much and considers it unfair that they cannot look for their own “place in the sun.” Therefore, I entrusted this task to the Bulbasaur robot.

5 Common Items That Suddenly Got Too Smart

Bulbasaur has six legs, which he uses to move himself and the pot around the room. Sensors allow it to monitor the light level: if the plant needs more light, it will move closer to the window. If it becomes too light or hot, it will move into the shade. When it’s time to water the flower, the robot will dance in place, attracting the owner’s attention.

Kettle with games and remote control

It would seem that you can come up with a device whose only task is to boil water? And why?! But the engineers do not give up: modern kettle models can be controlled from a smartphone (!), change the tone of the backlight and use it as a night light. And in their free time from “work”, kitchen appliances can entertain a child with an educational game!

REDMOND SkyKettle G201S

This is what the REDMOND SkyKettle G201S looks like. Of course, its main function is still to boil water. But he can do this according to a schedule, on a command from a mobile application … And also, he can heat water to the desired temperature with an accuracy of a degree.

As a “bonus” – work as a night light and memory games. For example, the teapot shows the child three colors in turn, and the child must reproduce the sequence in the application.

Business cards with NFC

Agree, in the age of electronic books and contactless payments, it is somehow not convenient to use paper business cards. But progress has reached them: now you can order a business card with an NFC tag.

NFC business cards

If the phone is equipped with the corresponding module, it is enough to bring such a card to the back panel – and that’s all, consider a new contact in your phone. Business cards with NFC are, of course, more expensive than usual ones (about 2 rubles apiece), but this is a great way to emphasize that your company follows trends and technology development.

Books with augmented reality

For a child, a book is, first of all, beautiful pictures. And now not just pictures, but also videos! Book manufacturers have begun to massively use the capabilities of augmented reality, even in books for preschoolers.

Here, for example, “Live alphabet”. By itself, it is not so interesting, because it is not designed for standard study. One has only to download the application with AR, open it and point the smartphone at one of the elements of the book, as its characters come to life! Of course, for a child, this is much more attractive than “flat” pictures, and the higher the interest, the better the information is absorbed.

Interactive books

E-books are no longer just text on the screen of a mobile device. For example, the Maginary project for iOS is actually not a book, but a whole performance on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Imagine: you are reading a text, and it literally comes to life as you read it. And in order to move on to the next scene, you need to take part in the plot – for example, blow on the screen to raise the wind to save the hero.

The application monitors your actions and supplements the text with special effects – for example, the sounds of thunder when reading a fragment with its description. There is only one drawback: for now, Maginary is only available to owners of iOS devices.

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