Google has much more to offer than a search engine, a fast Chrome browser, or Gmail. We have selected five of the most useful Google tools and services, some of which you may not have heard of yet.

Google Takeout: Set Up and Download Your Data

5 unusual Google services: for body and soulGoogle collects a lot of user data. All information that is known about you is listed on the Google Takeout page. Here you can set up and export personal data: calendars, contacts, Google Drive content, mail, and more.

Google Fit: Burn calories with Google

5 unusual Google services: for body and soulCalories, steps, active minutes of the day. Google Fit is a small fitness studio where you can collect data from your smartphone and fitness trackers. If you want to improve your physical shape or just actively go in for sports, set up this service.

Google Trips: Plan your trips around the world

5 unusual Google services: for body and soulGoogle Trips is a pretty good travel app. It will help you make a plan for your trip and tell you what to see in a particular country. In addition, the application can access Gmail, get booking information from there and plan a walk in the area of ​​​​the hotel.

Google Art Project: visit museums online

5 unusual Google services: for body and soulIf you don’t have time for vacation, the Google Art Project service will allow you to virtually visit any museum or exhibition without looking up from your computer. The project uses the same technology as Google Street View, where you can view more than 45,000 works of art from around the world in detail.

Google Photos: Upload your photos to the big cloud

5 unusual Google services: for body and soulAnother useful service – Google Photos – will allow you to save photos from gadgets in the cloud. If you’re willing to opt out of uploading original-quality images, Google Photos won’t limit your storage space.

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Photo: Google, pexels.com