No matter what you use Bluetooth for, be it smart watches or Smart Home devices, Blue Tooth has long been an integral part of wireless data transmission and is constantly being improved. The Special Interest Group (SIG) is responsible for the development of Bluetooth. It has developed a new network standard in which data can be transmitted within a radius of up to 800 meters.

Bluetooth 5: communication within a radius of 800 meters

Improvements primarily relate to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology. The maximum range of such devices has been quadrupled from 10 to 40 meters. Similarly, the data transfer rate in the new Bluetooth standard has almost doubled.

The improvement of Bluetooth networks will help in the development of the “Internet of Things” (Internet of Things, IoT), namely Smart Home systems.

“With increasing range, the connection between IoT devices should extend beyond the walls of the house, while increasing the speed of data exchange will improve their interaction and speed up device software updates.” Mark Powell, Executive Director, Bluetooth SIG

Different Bluetooth classes have different ranges. Bluetooth 4.0 in 2010 reached a range of 100 meters. And now, for example, some intercoms for motorcyclists, subject to line of sight, can work within a radius of more than 800 meters.

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