Series 7 is a watch with a surprise. Outside familiar. But you put on and fall in love. Didn’t expect me to like them so much.

After all, it would seem, not such a big upgrade from last year. The hardware in them is almost like in Series 6. The S7 processor seems to be no different from the S6. The body looks about the same. Offline work is the same. The functions are the same, including ECG, altimeter and blood oxygen measurement.

But this display


Apple Watch Series 7 unboxing. What’s in the box

Thanks to Pavel Teleshevsky for the video.

Apple’s packaging hasn’t changed since the last generation. The only difference is that now the watch box is sealed in the same way as the iPhone 13, that is, with two of the same adhesive strips.

Inside the box are a watch and a charging cable with a magnetic washer. There is no charger again, but I’m sure no one is surprised by this.

Please note that the new cable included with Series 7 has a USB-C connector, not USB-A as before. Accordingly, you will need a charger with a USB-C port. If you don’t already have one, it’s time to get one.

I’ll be talking about my impressions of the 41mm model in the Shining Star case. And later Pasha will share his impressions of the 45 mm version in blue.

I want to call them Series 6s

My review below focuses only on the really new features of the Series 7. In many ways, this generation of Apple Watch is exactly the same as the Series 6 (my review from last year). For example:

▪️ sensors and sensors are the same
▪️ battery life has not changed: up to one and a half days
▪️ there is an ECG, measurement of oxygen in the blood
▪️ have a compass and an altimeter
▪️ same sports features and capabilities
▪️ water protection – again according to the W50 standard
▪️ same speaker and microphone

All the new features of watchOS 8, with the exception of zoom settings, are also available on Series 6.

So, if not for the new display, this generation could be called the Series 6s. I don’t see anything wrong with this, we don’t expect revolutions every year.

Are the new cases very different from the old ones?

From the side – more differences Nothan is. Superficially looking at the Series 7, or not having a watch before, you won’t notice the difference.

Both cases of previous generations, 40 and 44 mm, have increased in size literally by a millimeter, but not evenly in relation to each other:

► Model 45 mm: width 38 mm, without changes. Length height) – 45 mm against 44 mm.

► Model 41 mm: width 35 mm against 34 mm earlier. Length height) – 41 mm against 40 mm earlier.

The depth is unchanged – 10.7 mm.

Apple went in a curious way; It was not the glass that increased, but the case itself. It has become a little wider and longer, and also – rounder.

The metal bezels on the front are now slightly more visible than before, if you look at the display strictly from above and at the same time compare with last year’s model. As if the clock was stretched, grabbing the edges.

The speaker grille has also changed a bit. Previously, it was divided into two separate fragments. Now it is one whole strip.

The front glass, when viewed from above, occupies exactly the same amount of space as before. Moreover, it protrudes slightly less from the case, which is compensated by the increased height of the specific aluminum case.

I have not yet managed to compare the 44 and 45 mm models as carefully. But between the 40 and 41 mm models, the thickness of the glass is really a little less for the Series 7.

This gap through the glass of the watch was not there before.

By the way, I do not quite understand how to explain the phenomenon, which was not on any previous Apple Watch. If you put the clock perpendicular to the light source, then the joint between the aluminum case and the glass see through. You can cover the clock with your finger from the opposite side, and then the gap will no longer be noticeable.

The light has absolutely no effect. You won’t be able to see it while using it – no one ever looks at a watch from such an angle and in such circumstances. He just is. And why it is, I do not know and have no theories. I asked Apple a question and received the same surprise in response to the fact. If the response of the engineers appears, I will supplement the review here.

On the reverse side, both the ceramic panel and the circle of sensors remained the same, which is logical: there are no changes in the functionality of the sensors in this generation.

The only difference is the name applied by the laser – Series 7 instead of Series 6.

If you don’t look hours (yes, that’s me on purpose), the Series 7 with the display off looks exactly the same as before. The difference is less than 2% – it’s negligible.

But one has only to tap on the screen, and you will instantly distinguish the new generation from the old one.

The Series 7 display is very good (and brighter than ever)

Improved OLED screen – most a weighty reason to upgrade to a new watch and the biggest surprise following the results of acquaintance with the device.

The first upgrade, the most obvious one. In Series 7 frames are reduced by 40%which is great because the effective display area has increased by 20% compared to the Series 4, 5 and 6.

The difference, especially at first, is not obvious on all dials. Still, many of them have a black background that blends in with the borders. So the first thing I did, just after finishing the initial setup, was to add dozens of different watch faces to the new watch and sit and compare it with the Series 6.

Most of them look almost the same as on the previous model, except that the scale has become a little more. But those that have a background color fill in one form or another, categorically looks much better on the Series 7.

Series 7 exclusive “Module (double)” dial.

By the way, the new watch has two exclusive dials – Module (double) and Circuit.

The first one, where you can add two large extensions with detailed data, hasn’t caught my eye yet. I don’t like it when the clock looks like a space station control room.

Exclusive to the Series 7 ‘Contour’ watch face.

But Circuit a great! Looks great. I think I will go with him for the next 12 months.

There are many color solutions in the settings – you can adjust the numbers for any strap, including filling the background.

FROM contour you tell everyone around you that you are wearing the Series 7 on your wrist. Although, let’s be realistic, this doesn’t really matter.

In watchOS, the difference is even more significant than in watch faces, but I will mention this separately a little later.

Reducing the matrix frames with the same glass size brought a nice refraction effect. Image as if bends behind the glass. Looks great!

At the same time, the refraction is not as powerful as it was shown in advertising or on the Apple website. In real conditions, it is almost always hidden by the reflections of ambient light, “sliding” along the faces of the watch.

The second upgrade, but no less important. According to Apple, Series 7 display is 70% brighter Series 6 indoors and with the wrist down.

From my experience, Apple is even a little shy.

The Series 7 display is always lit indoors brighter Series 6. Absolutely. The hand is lowered, the hand is raised, the watch is charging or just on the table, the dial is darkened or not – the new ones are always brighter than the old ones. Sometimes like twice.

If you go out into the sun or take a flashlight and shine it on the old and new watches, then yes, there will be no difference in brightness. The maximum brightness for both generations is the same and is 1000 cd/m². But indoors, the Series 7 instantly takes the crown from all previous Apple watches.

Sometimes you look at them without fully raising your wrist, and you don’t always understand whether the dial is darkened or has already flared up.

Increasing the brightness of the always-on screen adds meaning to the deep personalization of the watch faces, because they are now instantly visible to everyone and from afar. Even at night. Even when your hand is down.

It seems to me that the brightness level of the new watch is in rest exceeds the brightness of the first generation Watchwhich is an indicator in itself.

Third upgrade, utilitarian. The glass of the new Watch is the strongest in product history. At least according to Apple. It should break less often. In theory.

I have never struck a clock in 7 years, but I know people who succeeded several times a year.

How the improved crack protection works in reality, we will find out later, when the watch goes on sale. For now, I’ll take Apple’s word for it and don’t want to check it.

It is a pity that scuffs over time will appear in the same way as before. Nothing has changed in this regard. Steel Apple Watch is better than aluminum here, because they have sapphire crystal, which is almost impossible to scratch.

Eh. Someday they will be sold again in Russia. We hope, we believe.

The new display makes it easier to work with watchOS. STRONGLY.

I realized I didn’t want to go back to Series 6 when I first unlocked Series 7.

As everyone knows, the clock has passcode, which must be entered each time you remove the watch. Or when they “fall away” from the wrist because you don’t like to fasten the strap tight (like me).

Therefore, depending on your settings and the rhythm of use, you have to enter this password either 2-3 times a day, or 25 times a day (like me).

I really disliked entering the Apple Watch unlock password on my very first generation 38mm watch, and even on the larger 40mm model, the situation has not changed much. The numeric keypad is still small, and you can miss not only on the go, but even standing up straight (like me, every day, all the time, at least cut off your fingers).

So that’s what I’m talking about. Thanks to the screen enlargement, the Series 7 digital the lock screen keyboard has also increased. And she increased sincerely – so much so that I stop missing.

So, I knocked on these buttons for the first time. And somehow it felt good in my soul. Specially clock blocked and knocked a second time. Then again and again. Finally stretched out to the whole office “oh-oh-oh YEAH” and neatly folded the Series 6 into the box.

Everything. Sales.


On the new watch with a 41 mm case, as well as with a 45 mm case, watchOS 8 has literally expanded.

Buttons everywhere have become larger, and it has become easier to hit them with your finger. Small details, like numbers in a stopwatch, are easier to see. Graphics apps like Apple Maps are now noticeably easier to use even on a small watch.

Even texting through the Series 7 is easier because more text fits on the screen. And specifically for the new model, Apple added two additional, large font sizes – the most for those with vision problems or for older users.

What follows is not meant to be expert opinion, but personally, I consider the small Apple Watch to be the only smartwatch on the market that looks at least a little like a watch on the wrist, and not a gadget or TV with a strap.

Therefore, I hope that due to the increase in the interface along with the display, more people choose 41 mm instead of 45 mm and appreciate such a good balance of gadget and accessory with me. Large AW owners, nothing personal!

Autonomy, charging and a new cable

I’ve been using the small model for two days, 41mm, whose battery life is on average 25% shorter than the large version.

The rhythm of using the watch is even, with occasional workouts per week. Absolutely all the functions that “additionally” discharge the battery are included: noise level control, automatic ECG and pulse measurement, activity tracking, fall notifications. The brightness of the screen is the maximum possible, the always-on screen is activated, I do not use airplane mode.

I shot the watch from a full charge at about 9:30 am, and then checked the charge level at 9 pm, that is, 12 hours later.

results still incomplete, but encouraging. Series 7 in 12 hours was discharged to about 55%, that is, there were still 12 hours of work left or in total 24 hours from charge to charge. Very, very worthy with an always active display and all possible functions.

Apple did not state that the battery capacity was changed in any way in the Series 7. So, in my experience with the Series 6, if you train every day using the appropriate app (and increased sensor activity), you’ll get about 16 hours out of the “small” model.

You can also turn off the noise control and lower the maximum brightness a bit. Then the operating time increases by 20 percent. So, plus with passive use (only reading notifications), from hours it will be possible to achieve a day and a half of work.

New feature of Apple Watch Series 7 – super fast charging support. They have enough 45 minutesto charge from 0 to 80 percent! This is an important plus: now only half an hour is enough to “refuel” the watch for the whole day from morning to evening. Even not so, pluses two. If you use sleep tracking (which, alas, still does not record phases), the Series 7 will only take 8 minutes on the “puck” so that the “watches” then work for 8 hours in “Sleep” mode.

A full charge takes about one hour and ten minutes.

When I come home, the first thing I do is to charge the watch, it is in my aisle. And I already noticed that I don’t really have time to change clothes in the evening after work and plop down in a chair before the iPhone sends a notification that the Series 7 is fully charged.

For fast charging to work, you need the included USB-C cable. Previous cables, including those with the same plug from Apple, do not fit. The company has already removed older versions from sale. Logical question: how to distinguish old cable from new?

Answer: very easy. Firstly, the new cable has a really huge, elongated part with a USB-C plug – twice the size of the old one. And secondly, the “puck” itself has visually changed. Now it is not made of white glossy plastic. The outer part is wrapped in brushed aluminum. And the contact area where the clock is placed has also become matte.

To be honest, I’m glad the USB-C cables are now included. The days of USB-A are over.

New colors. I really liked one

Green Series 7, 41 mm.

All aluminum Apple Watch Series 7 are available in new colors. Some have not changed much, and some have disappeared altogether.

There is no longer an all-silver model, which has already caused controversy among some of its fans. I have good news for them. There is also no completely black model. I have good news for them too.

Green. First time with Apple Watch. It is very, very dark, almost black. Even the complete strap is noticeably lighter than the watch. On the street during the day, from the side, it is quite possible to distinguish the “green”. But in general, they are almost always almost indistinguishable from blacks.

Interestingly, the green Apple Watch came out in a year when Apple did not present a single green iPhone. Owners understand which iPhone 11 Pro will appreciate, as do lovers of khaki tones, hiking gear and the like. I didn’t get hooked.

Red. Not a fan of the hue that Apple chose for PRODUCT(Red) this year, which I mentioned when I unboxed the iPhone 13. The Series 7 reds are also closer to purple now, and I liked the previous version more.

Since I went with Series 6 red for exactly a year, I will share a brief summary here. Color good. But really matching bracelets few. They are all red in one way or another. And if you rarely wear something red or even colored, then know that such a watch will be very out of character.

Shining star. More precisely, five shining stars. Combo of silver and gold models.

Unisex, station wagon, uni-everything-in-the-world. They definitely look better on the hand than just natural aluminum. Compatible with the largest number of straps. The hue of the case is very soft and closer to silver than to gold. It can appear both yellowish and barely peach, but not pink. Liked the most and immediatelyas put on. I will wear these.

Blue. He changed a little, became richer and brighter. And it is right. Moreover, the line now has a dark blue model.

Shining night. Dark navy blue. Now it’s black instead. The color is reminiscent of the similar iPhone 13, only that one is Dark Night, which is… well, you get the idea.

If you have worn a black Apple Watch before, you can safely take this color. Deep dark blue is visible only in bright light and only in highlights.

Old belts fit. It’s fine

Nike Sport Band, new for 2021. Right: Series 7 in Dark Night case.

Yes, with Series 7 you can use bracelets from comparable models of past generations: 38 and 40 mm for 41 mm, 42 and 44 mm for 45 mm. I will say more: I calmly inserted my favorite leather bracelet from the first generation AW into the new watch, and it fit perfectly. It is in some of the photos in the review.

Along with the new watch, Apple launched an updated line of well-known straps, including monobracelets introduced a year ago. Basically there are just new colors.

Sports straps (which are Velcro) are now colored with “halves”. And on the Nike sports strap, the black model of which is in the photo above, the logo and brand name are embroidered. Looks amazing, really liked it!

I would like to commend Apple from the bottom of my heart for striving to maintaining the compatibility of old bracelets after as many as 7 (in a good way, even 8) generations of hours.

For many, this is the most critical loyalty factor to the device. No other smartwatch manufacturer even comes close to having such a gigantic selection of wristbands, and certainly not boasting a multi-year support cycle from model to model.

The belt personalizes the watch more than the color of the case. Over the years of operation, I have accumulated a lot of straps of various types and do not want to part with them. With Series 7, you don’t have to.

Who should upgrade to Series 7?

You can safely upgrade to all owners of all Series, except for the 6th generation.

The most vivid impressions are separately provided after Series 3 and older, because between them and the newest model there is an abyss in everything, especially in ease of use. Performance, dials, and even just internal memory … it makes no sense to compare, these are different universes.

I would also advise those who go with Series 4 (review) and SE (review) to pay attention to the Series 7. In addition to ECG, blood oxygen, reinforced and rounded glass, Apple has made the always-on display very bright – the watch faces will now be a full part of your image.

And I will also ask Series 5 owners (review) to seriously consider upgrading to Series 7. Because the new ones have everything in perfect order with battery life. One and a half to two days is easy to get. Much better than 12 hours before low battery notification.

As a result, the owners of the Series 6 with a 44 mm case are the only ones for whom it is not very logical to upgrade this year. At the same time, even I was bribed by how much easier it became to use the watch itself due to the increase in the display. If everything suits you even now, then it makes little sense to run to the store, wait until next year.

The bottom line is that the Apple Watch Series 7 is as good as the Series 6. Just… better. And they cost the same money.

Sales will start worldwide on October 15, including Russia. Reminder prices:

▪️ Apple Watch Series 7 41mm: 36 990 rubles

▪️ Apple Watch Series 7 45mm: 39 490 rubles

All photos in the article:

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Series 7 is a watch with a surprise. Outside familiar. But you put on and fall in love. Didn’t expect me to like them so much. After all, it would seem, not such a big upgrade from last year. The hardware in them is almost like in Series 6. The S7 processor seems to be no different from the S6. The body looks about the same. Offline work is the same. Functions…

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    Apple is developing a hearing aid based on AirPods

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    Apple Watch Series 7 for the first time does not have a hidden diagnostic connector