AppScooter: Affordable electric scooter with outstanding range

Over the past two years, several electric scooters have appeared on the market as an alternative to the Vespa. The big problem for everyone is the range: almost all models can not drive even 100 kilometers before they have to be put on charge again. All the more surprising is the latest electric scooter presented by the Dutch startup Bolt Mobility: their AppScooter, according to the developers, is capable of traveling up to 400 kilometers on a single charge and boasts a reasonable cost. Thus, the power reserve is greater than that of most electric vehicles. However, it’s not only the driving range on a single charge that deserves attention here, but also the on-board system of the scooter, which sets new standards that the automotive industry can even envy …

Power reserve of 400 kilometers: absurdity or genius?

Electric scooter Bolt AppScooter: 400 km per chargeModular AppScooter: range, speed and color can be selected.
Photo: Bolt Mobility

The range on one charge for a simple electric scooter is 400 kilometers? What at first sounds like an absolutely absurd statement, upon closer examination of the novelty, it seems possible in fact: AppScooter has a modular battery system. Inexpensive entry-level models have an 856 kWh battery, which should be enough to cover approximately 70 kilometers. In general, up to six such batteries can be combined on this electric scooter, so the declared 400 kilometers already seem quite realistic. Batteries can, as with e-bikes, be removed from the scooter and charged at home or in the office from a regular electrical outlet.

However, additional batteries increase not only the range, but also the total cost of the electric scooter: in the basic configuration with one battery, it costs 2990 euros. This is significantly less than the Vespa or most other electric scooters on the market. For each subsequent battery section, you will have to pay 499 euros. Thus, an electric scooter with a power reserve of 400 kilometers will cost the buyer 5,500 euros.

Electric scooter: fast falcon instead of lame duck

Electric scooter Bolt AppScooter: 400 km per chargeThe premium model with six batteries has a range of 400 kilometers on a single charge. Photo: Bolt Mobility

While most e-scooters can only travel at 45 km/h, this model can keep pace. The AppScooter is to be launched on the market in three different versions: the base version with a 2 kW motor will allow a maximum speed of 45 km/h. At the same time, it will accelerate from 0 to 45 km / h in 3.3 seconds – a record acceleration for scooters.

Two other models, with motors of 4 kW and 7 kW, will be able to accelerate to 70 km/h and, respectively, up to 90 km/h.

The scooter display is the biggest surprise

Electric scooter Bolt AppScooter: 400 km per chargeA driver’s seat with a touch screen and network access: carmakers can learn something here, too. Photo: Bolt Mobility

It is not only the outstanding power reserve on a single battery charge that makes you open your eyes wide in surprise. The display of this electric scooter is superior to anything currently found in this market: the 7-inch touch screen is the on-board system of the electric scooter and it is a real miracle. In addition to the speedometer, a GPS system is also integrated into it, so a map is located to the left of the speed indicator, suggesting the correct path to the goal. Apps as diverse as Tripadvisor provide additional information, such as where a good restaurant is located. In addition, the scooter must find charging stations on its own.

As is the case with most cars, electric scooters can connect a mobile phone (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth to the scooter. Thus, you will be able to receive calls or listen to music. Management is carried out not only through the touch screen, but also using the buttons on the steering wheel.

Remarkable functionalities: selfie camera and beer crate

Electric scooter Bolt AppScooter: 400 km per chargeThe AppScooter has a 65 liter cargo hold that can hold a case of beer. Photo: Bolt Mobility

Who is still not very impressed, he should pay attention to the special functionality of this electric scooter. Transparent glass – a windshield to protect against wind, heated seat and steering wheel – all this we can find on other scooters. But AppScooter has two more cameras: the front camera measures the distance to vehicles moving in front and, in case of dangerous situations, instructs the brakes to stop the scooter. The second camera is for selfies, allowing you to capture the coolest moments of your trip.

The luggage compartment here is also larger than most other scooters: its volume is 65 liters, so it even includes a standard case of beer. Who will make a small surcharge, he can even get the option of cooling the luggage compartment. At the same time, even in the version with 6 batteries, the volume of the cargo compartment remains the same, because the batteries are installed in a niche under the seat.

The first electric scooter from Bolt is due to be manufactured and sold in the Netherlands as early as 2018. The startup expects to sell between 30,000 and 100,000 models every year.