The smartphone display can be folded using an OLED matrix. Since each diode in it has its own backlight, it is possible to place them on the folds. These screens are thinner and more flexible than LCD panels. Also, unlike conventional phones, in folding the display is not covered by a glass panel at all, but by a plastic one.

Benefits of foldable smartphones

Samsung and Huawei’s foldable smartphones introduced in 2019 have several advantages. The biggest plus is that they combine both a phone and a tablet that is easy to carry in your pocket. At the same time, a folding smartphone will be even stronger than a regular tablet, because when folded it has a smaller area and a greater thickness – accordingly, it is less likely to damage it by negligence.

In addition, many tablets can only access the network via Wi-Fi – in the case of a foldable phone, you are guaranteed to be able to call and receive text messages via a mobile network.

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Disadvantages of foldable smartphones

Whatever the possible advantages of foldable phones, practice shows that they also have certain disadvantages.

Strength. The main problem is, in fact, the folding technology itself. No one still knows how durable this mechanism is and how long it will last in everyday conditions. Therefore, the first folding smartphones that went on sale can be considered part of a large-scale beta testing.

Price. New items are still very expensive. For example, Galaxy Fold will cost 160 thousand rubles. For this money, you can buy a top-end Galaxy S10 and a good tablet. Or the last two iPhone 11s, for example.

Water protection. The folding mechanism, unfortunately, negatively affects the IP protection of the smartphone. The flexible device is much less resistant to water and dust than other models from the same manufacturer.

Glass protection. Since the displays of foldable smartphones are covered with a plastic film, there can be no question of protective glass in their case. Of course, you can stick the glass on the halves of the screen yourself, but the joint will still be unprotected.

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