A recent study by Adecco USA makes Xing and LinkedIn look outdated: 61 percent of people surveyed use Facebook to look up employers. No wonder, after all, Facebook has a lot more to say about an enterprise than most of us realize. There are 4 things you should pay special attention to.

one Photos on Facebook are more than just pictures

Photos on a company’s Facebook page can tell a lot about the working atmosphere and collegiality: does the company put teamwork in the spotlight and are there photos of employees’ life events? If so, this indicates a healthy and open atmosphere at work. In addition, from the pictures you can understand what style of clothing is adopted in the company – rather laid-back or strict and more formal. Knowing this, you will not show up for an interview dressed inappropriately.

Four tricks for finding a job on Facebook
Job search through Facebook: The platform provides valuable information about the employer. (Photo: Reuters/Dado Ruvic)

You can also find out if you are a good fit for this company with one simple trick: first, look at where the photos of the life of employees are taken – in five-star hotels or in obscene-looking places? Where would you like to be in these pictures: rather in the center or as if by chance you got into the frame? Only if the pictures show an atmosphere close to you, you are really suitable for working with these people.

2 What Facebook Posts Say

On Facebook, businesses show again and again what projects they are currently working on and present those that are already completed. Here you can take a closer look: can you imagine yourself working on one of these projects? Another useful help is information about the projects, values ​​and requirements that the company declares on Facebook. This way you can better prepare for your interview. If an enterprise pays great attention to sociability and positions itself with a large number of social activities, it is worth emphasizing this in your resume.

3 Learn about the Mission of the company

Knowing about the company’s old projects is great, but you need to look to the future: what does the company proclaim as its Mission and what role do you want to play in this process? Facebook posts about future projects and new visions are quite common. At the interview, you must show that you are the best candidate to realize these visions.

four Facebook reveals enterprise communications

How a company handles negative comments can say a lot about how a company perceives criticism. Are there open feedback dialogues and are criticisms taken seriously? The culture of the company is immediately visible through communications with Facebook fans. However, positive Facebook reviews, likes and friendly comments also often reflect open and honest communication within the enterprise.