The invention to generate free electricity will come in handy with the constant increase in the price of light. The American organization Billions in Change introduced a kind of home exercise machine: an hour of riding this bike will provide electricity to the household for 24 hours.

Boosting Free Electricity with a Bicycle
Boosting Free Electricity with a Bicycle

The Free Electric bike isn’t the first of its kind, but so far, bikes like this have generated so little electricity that they could only light one energy-saving lamp at most.

The bike has a turbo generator that stores the generated current in the battery. How much electricity is actually generated is still unknown.

Pedaling for free electricity: future or absurdity?


To provide energy for an ordinary city apartment with household appliances and lighting fixtures, you need from 7 to 20 kWh per day. However, the Free Electric bike only produces 200 watts. Thus, it is useless to use in the city.

Free Electric is not for industrialized countries, but for developing countries. In poor regions with little or no electricity, one hour of cycling will generate enough energy for a whole day.

The devices are currently being tested in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. In the future, the organization plans to supply 10,000 bicycles to poor Indians.

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