Smart speakers have not yet conquered the Russian market, but have already become popular abroad. Who, where and for what uses compact voice assistants? Let’s figure it out together with CHIP.

A bit of history

  • 1962: The IBM Shoebox is born, the first machine to recognize speech
  • Number of words recognized by Shoebox: 16
  • 1996: Microsoft Clippit (Clippy) is the first machine learning assistant to become widely adopted
  • 2011: Apple’s Siri, the first modern smart assistant
  • 2014: Amazon’s first Echo smart speakers
  • October 10, 2017: The first launch of the voice assistant Alice from Yandex

Who uses voice assistants

While “smart” speakers in the US are very popular, in Europe the trend is only gaining momentum.

Percentage of smart speaker owners using their devices multiple times a day: fifty%. The proportion of North American users who would like to use smart assistants in cars is 39%.

In Europe, use or plan to use smart assistants:

  • Google Home: twenty%
  • Google Assistant: 19%
  • Microsoft Cortana: eighteen%
  • Amazon Echo/Alexa: eighteen%

The number of smart speakers that have been shipped to Europe:

  • II quarter. 2016: 445 000
  • II quarter. 2017: 4,200,000
  • Growth: 843.82%

Share of smart speaker owners who do not stop using devices: 65%.

What do smart assistants do most often?

From Siri to Alice: Interesting facts about voice assistants

  • General issues: 60%
  • Weather: 57%
  • Music streaming: 54%
  • Alarm clock, timer: 41%
  • To-do lists, reminders: 39%

Percentage of questions answered/correctly answered by smart assistants (Q2 2017):

  • Google Assistant: 68.1%/90.6%
  • Cortana: 56.5%/81.9%
  • Siri: 21.7%/62.2%
  • Alexa: 20.7%/87%
  • Compared to this, the share of successful results in Google search: 74.3%/97.4%

Available assistant options or tasks (Q2 2017):

  • Alex: 15 069
  • Google Assistant: 378
  • Cortana: 65

Which devices replace smart assistants

  • Traditional radios: 39%
  • Smartphones: 34%
  • TVs: thirty%
  • Computers: 26%

By the way, recently Yandex introduced its smart speaker with voice assistant Alice.

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