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Smartphone iPhone X – look into my eyes!

iPhone XWhat modern man can do without gadgets from Apple? The first number we have is the iPhone X – the very one, for leaking information about which an employee of the company lost his job. The 5.8-inch super retina display is even brighter and sharper, the 12 megapixel camera is much cooler, and the processor is faster. The stylish glass case is shockproof and does not slip in your hand, you just don’t want to put the phone in a case. The Home button is now gone, instead, the Face ID face recognition function – you look at the screen, and the unlock is removed. Apple representatives say that even a wrinkled face and a neglected beard are not a hindrance to a smart system!

Samsung Gear VR – Total Immersion

Samsung Gear VRThe VR glasses from Samsung updated in 2017 have only two drawbacks – they are quite bulky, and a little more expensive than the model from Google. But everything else – solid pluses! The main feature of the novelty is a wireless controller. Owners of older models will be able to purchase it separately and control their smartphone with it. The viewing angle has increased to 101 degrees, smart phone charging from USB right on board has been thought out. The glasses support almost all new Samsung smartphones and older flagship models. Performance in games directly depends on the capabilities of the smartphone.

Convertible laptop Porsche Design Book One – Optimus Prime

Porsche Design Book OneLaptops from Porsche among computers are the same status item as the cars of the brand. However, they are definitely worth the money. The fantastic 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 3200×1800 pixels shows a brightness of 489 cd/m2 in tests. It is quite expected that at a fairly high price, the most powerful Intel Core i7-7500U of the Kaby Lake generation beats inside, it is helped by 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. The battery life on the doc-station is 11-14 hours, and in tablet mode – about 4-5 hours. The perfect toy for men to work comfortably and have fun on the go.

Panasonic TX-65EZR1000 – Top of OLED TVs

Panasonic TX-65EZR1000Top in all respects, it is good in everything except the price. However, for uncompromising perfectionists, this is not an obstacle. HDTV, Blu-Ray or UHD content – all this is reproduced equally clearly, vividly, saturated. The color gamut of the Panasonic TX-65EZR1000 is also impressive – a record 99.8%! The device almost jeweler adjusts content in HD format to its 4K, and the maximum brightness is 746 cd / m2 and this is the top value for today. Deep and convincing 80 watts of sound, easy control, pre-installed applications for Netflix, Facebook and Youtube – full mincemeat in order not to get up from the couch.

Quadcopter Parrot Bebop – drones instead of cars

Parrot BebopParrot Bebop is a safety anthem. It’s hard to break even on purpose. The ABS 400’s transverse reinforced construction is extremely durable, and the engine and propellers shut off when they hit an obstacle. The automatic return system, powered by GPS, will land the drone at the take-off point with the push of a button. The on-board computer is 8 times more productive than the previous model, runs on a 2-core processor with 8 GB of flash memory, running Linux. The drone is easy to disassemble and assemble, it distributes Wi-Fi by itself, creating its own access points. And of course, Parrot allows you to take fantastic pictures from a great height.

Nike Hyperadapt – dream shoes

Nike HyperadaptShove and forgot. The Nike Hyperadapt is a smart running shoe that laces itself by pressing one of the “+” or “-” buttons on the side. Pressing “+” tightens the “laces”, and “-” allows you to release the foot. Sneakers will inform their owner of a stronger than comfortable squeezing with a growing sound. A special gel sole will withstand any overload, sneakers can be used both for basketball and for trekking, parkour or basketball – in a word, universal sports shoes. It’s a pity that Nike doesn’t yet know either the release date for the production model or the approximate price of the sneaker-gadget.

Aliens from the future – even more amazing

Electric Ford TriCiti Bicycle King of the Urban Jungle

Ford TricityFord is fundamentally addressing the challenge of global urbanization. The latest electric Ford TriCiti bike can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h and drive through the most inconvenient places, bypassing traffic jams and congestion. The owner of such a device will not only become truly mobile in an urban environment, but will also relieve himself of a number of problems – for example, delivering groceries from the store home. The bike transforms into a cargo trolley in less than a minute, and when folded, it fits into a roomy backpack.

Robot Cop in Dubai – the robotic arm of the law

Robocop has become a reality. At least in Dubai. Reuters reports that the Dubai police are going to introduce new mechanized law enforcement officers to the streets of the city. The police robot will be able to recognize wanted criminals, patrol busy areas of the city, stop street fights, and quickly collect evidence at the crime scene. The robot is designed to work 24/7 and by 2030 it is planned to completely replace the entire city police with mechanized law enforcement officers.

Sex robots (with artificial intelligence) – what about talking?

sex robotsThe ideal woman Samantha not only can’t stand the brain when she is not asked, but she can talk with the owner on philosophical topics and keep the conversation going, learning herself in the process. The newest sex dolls are already on sale in two themed stores in the UK and cost in the region of $10,000. In the course of communication, the android uses memorized remarks, but gradually adopts his own constructions from the interlocutor. The geisha of the future is charged via a USB connector and switches to sex mode only manually.

Lenovo C PlusFlexible and transparent smartphone Lenovo CPlus

Thin and transparent Lenovo CPlus with a flick of the wrist turns into an elegant bracelet. Now no banana bags and fitness trackers, all this will be in one device – put it on and ran. The company promises that the novelty can be used without removing it from the hand, guaranteeing practicality and convenience when working in this mode. A miracle novelty will appear in serial production only at the end of 2018, but the wait is clearly worth it.

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