Fuchsia OS is not just an optimization of existing systems, but a completely new product created from scratch. Huawei is working on the project as an external tester.

What is Google Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is the color, the name of the flower, and the name of Google’s open source operating system. The concern is developing an OS that in the long term will be able to replace Android and Chrome. The new system is expected to run on many different devices.

According to the 9to5Google website, a well-known smartphone manufacturer has joined the work on the new Fuchsia operating system: one of Huawei engineers runs the operating system on devices running on the Kirin 970 processor. The first “guinea pig” on which a Huawei employee tests Fuchsia was a smartphone Honor Play (read our review).

Huawei and Google have been collaborating for a long time

Google and Chinese smartphone maker Huawei have collaborated in the past, with the Nexus 6P being a successful collaboration between the two companies. But so far, the Huawei engineer has not been able to fully launch Fuchsia on the “experimental” smartphone.

Since many other Huawei phones are also powered by the Kirin 970 chip, it is likely that all of these devices will be able to support the Fuchsia operating system in the future: Huawei Mate 10 Pro, P20 and P20 Pro models, Honor V10 and Honor 10, as well as Honor Note 10 and Huawei Nova 3. When and in what form users will get access to the new OS is not yet clear.

Before Fuchsia is officially out, learn how to make Android better by adding a couple of apps to your smartphone.

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