I have already signed my love for the new iPad for 24,990 rubles. But that’s not the whole story. One of the main reasons to go to the store and buy a 2017 iPad is the prices of used Airs, which are simply uncompetitive.

See for yourself. 3 weeks ago, online flea markets iPad Air 2 sold for an average of 25-35 thousand rubles. I was then disappointed and surprised: the device is 3 years old, and it is drained for thirty. The people’s love for this tablet is so strong that no one caved in the price.

And then comes the new iPad, which is not much worse, but significantly cheaper. I would not want to be in the place of the seller of the old Air!

Why the 2017 iPad is better not only than the Air 1, but also the Air 2

Used iPad sellers really hit the spot. Yesterday the device cost 35k rubles, and today it for 25k not everyone will take.

Naturally, the price of used iPad Air, and after them all other models, began to fall already 24 hours after the presentation. Now they are still trying to sell them for 26 thousand rubles, but these are rather echoes of hope, and not a realistic cost at which the device will be of interest to someone.

Even the prices in stores have not yet adapted.

I understand the rejection of the owners of the iPad Air 2 to the new tablet, it poured out with might and main in the comments to the review. But the facts speak for themselves: a person who does not yet own an iPad will not go to a flea market for an outdated model for the same money when you can buy a new one in the store.

What does the buyer of a used iPad Air 2 get compared to the iPad 2017:

  • more contrast and colorful screen, that’s a fact
  • thinner body
  • display without an air gap (barely noticeable)
  • lower productivity (from -25%)
  • less autonomy (the battery is already tortured)
  • lower display brightness
  • weak and not so bass speakers
  • device with two (or more) years of wear.

In this case, the price in both cases is either the same, or Air 2 will cost even more.

If I have an Air 2, do I need to bring an iPad 2017?


Of course not. The difference is not that big, and no one is forcing you to do it. But!

If you don’t have any iPads, or if you have a very old model like an iPad 2, 3 or 4 – well, sorry, there’s no real reason to get an Air 2 instead of a new iPad.

24 990 rubles you pay for an almost top-end iPad with all its best qualities: powerful hardware, a modern screen Why then do you need Air 2 for 30 thousand, I sincerely don’t understand.

PS If you’re trying to sell the Air 2, it’s time to cut prices, and significantly. For 15-18 thousand it will still be interesting.

PPS iPad Pro also fell in price by 3-5 thousand rubles, so grab it if you want a completely top-end tablet. They will start to become cheaper again only in the autumn.

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Flea markets and shops did not expect such a trick.

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