With the new 3D face recognition, for the first time, you can unlock your iPhone X without touching it – just through eye contact.

  • The new iPhone X recognizes its owner as soon as he looks at the display.
  • Various sensors located next to the front camera are responsible for the functioning of the new technology. These sensors make up a 3D image of the face. At the same time, poor lighting should be as insignificant an obstacle to recognition as glasses or a hat.
  • In addition, the technology is constantly learning: every time you use Face ID, your smartphone gets better and better at recognizing your face.

How secure is Face ID?

With Face ID, you can even use Apple Pay. Of course, this immediately raises the issue of security, including your personal data.

  • None of the data that is collected about your face through Face ID is passed on to Apple. All this data remains exclusively on the iPhone. The Touch ID function adheres to the same principle.
  • According to Apple, the new 3D facial recognition should be 20 times more secure than the previous system, Touch ID. If the probability of “abuse” in the case of Touch ID was estimated as 1: 50,000, then the ability to deceive Face ID is reduced to 1: 1,000,000.
  • The only drawback of Face ID compared to Touch ID is that no two fingerprints are the same, but the answer to the question of whether Face ID will cope with identical twins remains to be seen.