The new tablet phones that turned the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge released just six months ago into “pumpkins”.

There was a special event in New York last week Samsung Unpacked 2015where the Korean company introduced its new flagships Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. They are the main competitors of the future iPhone 6s Plus, but the people turned out to be dissatisfied with the new products. First, let’s take a look at the almost identical characteristics of the new products.

Juicy “iron” with a fly in the ointment

Both devices are made of glass (Gorilla Glass 4) and aluminum (reinforced alloy 7000 series), repeating the shape of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, respectively. That is, the Galaxy Note 5 has a rounded back but a flat display, while the Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved display but a flat back. The rest of the devices are almost identical. Screen diagonal – 5.7 inches, Quad HD Super AMOLED (2560×1440 pixels, 518 ppi) and these are the best mobile displays on the market in terms of color quality. 8-core processor Exynos 7420 (four cores running at 2.1 GHz and four more at 1.5 GHz) 4 GB random access memory LPDDR4 and 32 or 64 GB of high-speed flash memory. The processor is similar to that of the Galaxy S6, which is one of the most energy efficient on the market, which is achieved through a 14-nanometer manufacturing process.


Everything is cool so far, but we have already reached the first sad facts – models with 128 GB of flash memory are not provided, and there is no expansion slot for SD cards in the new products. Yes, yes, you read everything correctly – the Galaxy Note, which has always been considered a universal and ultimate tablet phone, has lost its SD slot. In this light, the predecessor looks like a more interesting purchase, especially considering its current cost of 35 thousand rubles.

Another sadness is the built-in battery with a capacity of only 3000 mAh (against 3220 mAh in Note 4). Although it is partially leveled by an energy-efficient processor and gives a bonus in the form of pleasant weight and size characteristics of new products:

  • Galaxy Note 5 – 153.2×76.1×7.6mm? weight 171 g (against 153.5 × 78.6 × 8.5 mm, 176 g for Note 4);
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus – 154.4×75.8×6.9mm, 153g

The photo capabilities of both flagships are at their best: a 16-megapixel main camera with an optical stabilization system and f / 1.9 aperture, a 5-megapixel front camera with the same aperture. Similarly, with communication capabilities:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 (!), ANT+
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, MIMO (2×2)
  • GPRS/EDGE, HSPA+, LTE Cat.6/9
  • NFC

Smartphones run Android 5.1 Lollipop and support fast charging, as well as contactless (full charge in 1.5 hours and 2 hours, respectively).


It is also worth noting the presence of a stylus in the Galaxy Note 5, which is now removed by pressing the built-in button, as well as a very solid set of all sorts of chips for this element (you can even write on a “dark” display).


True, Samsung at the presentation did not focus on the main distinguishing feature of Note and, in general, promoted the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus more …

Galaxy Note 5 no longer Samsung’s no-compromise smartphone

August 21 Galaxy Note 5 will appear in the US and … that’s it. Nowhere else is the release of new items this year planned, neither in Russia nor in Europe. We’ll have to wait until 2016. But the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in September will hit almost all markets where Samsung is present. Can you feel the direction of the wind?


Since the release of the Galaxy Note in 2011 and the resounding success of this device, the Korean electronics giant has diligently nurtured, promoted and positioned it as its most important flagship. The company tried to make it as powerful as possible and at the same time as versatile as possible. If you want, expand your disk space far beyond a hundred gigabytes. If you want, turn the device into a sketch pad. If you want – use it as an entertainment device, good – the size of the display allows it to easily replace a small tablet.

But now times have changed and Samsung has relied on design at the expense of functionality. First, the Galaxy Note 5 took a backseat to the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in terms of release and sales. Secondly, the device has lost such advantages over the same iPhone 6 Plus as the ability to expand the volume of the built-in storage and replace the battery on the go, so that you can continue to work with the device without problems with charging.


What are the advantages of the novelty over the Galaxy Note 4? The display is slightly better, although there is nothing to complain about in the predecessor. The stuffing is a little more powerful, but, again, the performance of any previous generation flagship is now more than enough. Less thickness, more interesting design and better case materials – this is really an advantage, but it was achieved at the expense of functionality.

Against the iPhone 6s Plus

Is it good or bad what happened to the Galaxy Note 5 in terms of functionality? Neither one nor the other. These are the realities of today’s smartphone market, which is now experiencing a similar stagnation as the PC market five years ago. It was then that computers became so powerful that upgrading them once a year, or even once every two years, simply lost its meaning. Actually, I completely updated my home PC, which acts as a family entertainment center, just about five years ago. Since then, it was very budgetary to replace only the video card and add another 8 GB of RAM, paying $ 150 for the entire upgrade instead of the usual $ 700-1000 as before, when I changed almost all the stuffing en masse. I still do not experience any problems with performance, including in modern games, using almost always the maximum graphics quality settings.

The same thing is happening with smartphones. Take OnePLus One, Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 – does it make sense for the owners of the mentioned gadgets to change them to OnePlus 2, Note 5, Xiaomi Mi5? I think no.


That is, in terms of characteristics, Samsung could not offer something extraordinary to attract the owners of its predecessor to the Galaxy Note 5. So, only the design remains. In turn, in this regard, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus looks more advantageous and futuristic with a display curved on both sides. Thus, as a competitor to the iPhone 6 Plus or the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus, it is a stronger contender. Probably, such a strange behavior of Samsung in terms of the global release of new products is connected with this. The main competitor of the iPhone 6s Plus is the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and it will be available at the time of the release of the new Apple flagship in all important global markets. And the Galaxy Note 5 returned to where the history of tablet phones began – it became a purely niche device for geeks. Although, in this regard, its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 4, is on both shoulder blades.

In turn, Apple fell into the same market trap, when even the iPhone 5s does its job perfectly, works smartly and flawlessly. But the cunning company delayed to the last with the release of smartphones with a large display and due to this it compensated for the stagnation in the market, and even attracted a lot of people from competing platforms.


Now she will check the same feint with the ears, but in technical terms. Nothing prevented Apple from installing 2 GB RAM in the iPhone 6/6 Plus, but the company did not do this, limiting itself to only the iPad Air 2. People cursed, resented and bought new items for the sake of a larger display. After all, even with 1 GB of RAM everything works fine, especially if there is no way to compare directly. But now, by increasing the RAM in the iPhone, the company will provide itself with some influx of customers from the owners of devices of previous generations, including the iPhone 6/6 Plus. I personally have the opportunity to compare the quality of iOS gadgets with 1 GB of RAM on board and with 2 GB of RAM – there is a difference and it is noticeable enough to plan a move from iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone 6s Plus. True, there are rumors that the iPhone 6s will have 1 GB of RAM, but I hope that these are just rumors.

Or, alternatively, the 4.7-inch iPhone will get 1 GB of RAM, and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus will get 2 GB. Then the owners of ordinary “sixes” will rush to the iPhone 6s Plus, and the choice in favor of the iPhone 6s will be made by people who upgrade from models of past generations and are accustomed to the compact size of a smartphone.

Do not forget about Force Touch, and here Apple has a big win compared to Android device manufacturers, as it controls the hardware and software components of its smartphones. That is, she sets the standards herself, which is exemplified by the built-in Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is now actively used in third-party applications. But the fingerprint scanner in Android smartphones is still used very limitedly, mainly only for quick unlocking of the gadget.

Symmetric response

At the moment, Apple and Samsung remain the main competitors in the mobile market, taking 95% of revenue from it. They are also the creators of the most interesting smartphones. The American company takes a set of characteristics, an ecosystem, unique chips (Touch ID, Force Touch) and a brand. The Koreans, on the other hand, produce the most technically advanced smartphones on the market, and now Samsung has been able to combine technology with an interesting design, as well as with really high-quality case materials. Whatever they say, but in reality, the Galaxy S6 Edge looks cool, a good competitor to the iPhone.

The conclusion is simple – Samsung will be able to adequately compete with the iPhone 6s Plus, but you should not expect any miracles in the near future. Welcome to the era of mobile stagnation.

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The new tablet phones that turned the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge released just six months ago into “pumpkins”. Last week, the Samsung Unpacked 2015 special event took place in New York, where the Korean company introduced its new flagships Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. They are the main competitors of the future iPhone 6s Plus, but the people turned out to be new…

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