I looked at my desktop and thought aloud: why not tell about each briefly, including adding to existing reviews?

No sooner said than done. Here are the Cupertino devices (and accessories) that I use all the time and my impressions of them. I say right away that I don’t really have anything to scold in them … otherwise they would not enjoyed. There are some moments, but mostly from the category of nit-picking.

All of the following I recommend with both hands and from long-term experience.

1. MacBook Pro 2019 16″

MacBook Pro 2019 with 16-inch display.

Price: from 209 990 rubles

I have been using this laptop daily for over a year. When it came out, it seemed like a revelation: top processors, really powerful video cards, an excellent cooling system and the largest possible screen. Was happy as an elephant!

At the beginning of 2021, little has changed. I trust him with any difficult tasks, ride with me in backpacks and bags (he is not as heavy as it seems in numbers). So far, this is objectively the most powerful Apple laptop, especially in terms of the video part, and it is noticeable, it’s worth it for a while to switch to, say, a 13-inch MacBook Pro or, moreover, Air on Intel chips.

Apple did a lot of things right in that generation, and the keyboard especially. More than a year has passed, and it is ideal: not a single key fell, phantom clicks did not appear, and there are no marks on the oleophobic coating. There were no breakdowns or problems with this MacBook.

He also bailed out the editorial office on several occasions when we needed Windows for very specific purposes (such as ancient electronic signature systems). Now it’s the second system through Bootcamp. I also played it many times with excellent results: I went through several shooters, I periodically run in Destiny.

Yes, the big firmware is noisy, hot, and hasn’t gotten any faster with the release of the voracious macOS Big Sur. But even Apple knows it’s made a hit and has boldly skipped the annual update cycle, leaving the device unchanged in 2020.

This Mac will be one of the last in the era of Intel, and for some, this fact will remain a plus. I’m looking forward to its rebirth on Apple Silicon processors. I will send to the furnace the ability to run Windows for the sake of everything that the very first ARM models from Cupertino demonstrated.

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Golden MacBook Air with M1 processor.

Alternative: MacBook Air with M1 processor

A wonder laptop that heralded a new era for Apple and computers in general. We were waiting for it, but we were afraid that it would be difficult to use it for the first year or two due to the incompatibility of the old software.

But Apple did the maximum and allowed to open 90% of old programs on it in a couple of clicks. And the very first optimized versions of the software convinced of the total superiority of the M1 over almost everything that Intel does for laptops.

Absolutely, perpetually quiet and almost always cold, the MacBook Air is only 10% slower in heavy tasks than the similar Pro and Mac mini. But at the same time, it is light, compact, and in quiet modes of operation it confidently lasts for 10-11 hours. 14 hours is my personal best at low brightness. This has never happened.

The capabilities of this MacBook, even in the basic version, will be enough for the vast majority of people. I miss him myself. And what price! For only 99,990 rubles, it is impossible to find anything like it among laptops. By the way, here is his review.

2. AirPods Max

Silver AirPods Max and silver iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Price: 62 990 rubles

When these headphones were just presented, I looked at the price and thought: wow, okay, I will continue to go to AirPods Pro. It was in November. But for the last three months I have been wearing AirPods Max without taking it off. Even at home more often in them than without. These are the first wireless ears in my memory that I want to listen to non-stop FOREVER.

Love began immediately, when I threw more than 300 grams on my head, which were tangible in my hands – and they seemed to have disappeared. Landing at “maxes” is awesome, and the ear cushions are ventilated unlike the “fashionable” leather ones. Therefore, it turns out to wear them for 3-6 hours in a row, without taking them off, even at home in the warmth, even on the street in minus 20.

The main plus in them, as for me, is the sound quality. In addition to detailed mids and rich, crisp bass, AirPods Max have the airiness of mid-range wired models—but not wireless ones. After listening to dozens of other top-end Bluetooth headphones, I was convinced of one thing: there is nothing better in terms of comfort and sound quality.

The cons are known to everyone: the headphones are not compact, they cannot be folded, and the case from them, although it still withstands the test of strength, but case as such is not and does not bring real benefits. Fortunately, I always wear them on my head anyway, so there is no need to protect them.

I don’t objectively care how they look or what others think of them (as a rule, nothing). During these three months, strangers asked me several times how I like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but no one was interested in headphones. So there is no “show-off” factor in them.

There are a lot of controversial opinions around them, mainly from those who have never really listened to them yet. But one thing cannot be denied: 62,990 rubles is really expensive, and for the vast majority it makes such excellent headphones completely inaccessible. Yes, and it is still problematic to buy them not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

It’s a pity. I hope Apple will release a model that is visually simpler and at least one and a half times cheaper, but with a similar sound. I want everyone to be able to evaluate it and draw their own conclusion, and not repeat others.


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AirPods Pro.

Alternative: AirPods Pro

My previous favorite earbuds have been replaced by the AirPods Max. This should not have happened, because they are so different! But, alas, I do not use them for the third month. I gave it to my wife, she likes it very much.

Headphones work out 20,990 rubles smartly: in addition to really good sound in their category, they perfectly dampen noise, fit well and take up very little space thanks to a super-compact case. I also confirm the operating time in honest 5 hours with hundreds of my own observations.

I judge subjectively, but over the year the number of AirPods Pro in the Moscow metro has approached the number of regular AirPods. That is, every second or third sits in them, even saw grandparents with them more than once. Still: once you ride in silence instead of the dangerously loud noise of old cars, you won’t want to go in without them again.

Ease of connectivity within the Apple ecosystem, an awesome Spatial Audio feature, and an amazing (seriously, this is TOP) mode Transparencyas for me, justify even the noticeably increased price of AirPods Pro in 2021.

Although I have been using them for more than a year, I can’t tell you about the survivability of the battery: both headphones were replaced twice in the service. It seems that since October 2020, Apple has solved the problem with the reliability of the firmware, so I can recommend them for purchase even more boldly than before. Review here.

3. iPad Air 4

Green iPad Air 4.

Price: from 55 990 rubles

What happens if the 120Hz display is removed from the iPad Pro, the bezels are minimally enlarged, and Touch ID is added instead of Face ID? That’s right, iPad Air 4th generation.

And it seems logical to exclaim: why is it needed if the 128-gigabyte iPad Pro 2020 costs only 15 thousand rubles more? But … that one is far from better in everything.

I have access to both “advanced” iPads, and Air works almost twice as long. Honestly pulls out 8-10 hours of use, and does not “burn out” in 5 hours, like a “bug”. The A14 processor in the Air keeps peak performance under long-term load (read – in games) for much longer before the screen brightness drops and throttling.

Touch ID in a button instead of Face ID is also good and super fast, although it would look much more appropriate on an iPhone. A 60-Hz screen does not bother at all, if you do not compare it with the “firmware”.

There is a great temptation to pay extra and take the iPad Pro purely because it is “pro”. But if you do not plan to squeeze 110% of its capabilities out of the tablet, but still want an awesome screen and top performance, then I personally advise you to take the 4th generation Air now. He just shows himself a little better as a tablet for every day. Plus, don’t forget Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard compatibility.

Silver iPad Pro 2020.

Alternative: iPad Pro 2020

Okay, let’s say you really want to squeeze everything possible out of the tablet. It will replace your computer, multitask 24/7, collect videos in Lumafusion, and so on. And you also need LiDAR, and for a specific task, and not just for show.

In this case, the 2020 iPad Pro will still be better than the 4th generation Air. It has a third faster processor in multi-threaded tasks and 6 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB. The latter is important for Procreate, rendering and other demanding programs, as well as for the stability of multitasking in general.

The 120Hz screen is noticeably nicer in menus and when drawing. This is a transformational upgrade after the displays in other Apple gadgets, it opens your eyes. But it also destroys the tablet’s operating time to the lowest that I have ever seen on an iPad: I often discharged it in 4 and a half hours when I worked hard, and it only lasted 10 hours a couple of times, and then absolutely minimal use case.

One way or another, the strengths of the iPad Pro have not evaporated over the year. It is the most powerful tablet in the world and dot. There should not be another for 69,990 rubles. I talk more about it in the review.

4. Apple Watch Series 6

Red Apple Watch Series 6 with braided mono bracelet.

Price: from 36 990 rubles

It may seem that the main feature of the Series 6 is the measurement of oxygen in the blood. Or an ECG that suddenly started working in Russia. For some, it will be just that, but personally I have another reason to love them. More precisely, there are two of them.

The first is the always-on screen, like on the Series 5. Apple Watch without it is perceived very differently. The watch faces now complement the clothing, the look, and even the chosen strap. Time is visible at any time, as well as the presence of notifications. Watches become precisely hours, and they have to be thrown up much less often.

The second is work time. Despite the improved processor (for the first time in two years), the active screen and its increased peak brightness, the Series 6 almost made it to the Series 4 in autonomy. I can not charge them for a day and a half without taking them off even once. And if they are discharged overnight, then in 40 minutes I will bring them back to life for the whole next day thanks to the increased charging speed.

It is a pity that steel AWs are not sold in Russia, because I would have invested in the Series 6 version for the sake of a sapphire screen. Alas, the aluminum display is scratched very easily, mine are already worn. And so, I recommend taking light, blue or gold watch models, because they balance well between versatility of use and compatibility with other straps.

I wear red ones myself, and they only have 3 good combinations (the best is a red braided monobracelet), and the rest looks completely off topic with them. And the watch itself of this color is not always appropriate, especially if you wear it under minimally formal clothes.


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Gold aluminum Apple Watch SE with braided mono bracelet.

Alternative: Apple Watch SE

If you do not need an ECG, an always-on screen and a measurement of oxygen in the blood, then you can safely take the SE version of the watch. And if you have not yet had a smart watch, then you need to start with these.

All the best that the Apple Watch is known for is available in their “folk” version. Excellent performance, a huge list of fitness chips and wellness features, a bunch of applications, a large selection of watch faces, hundreds of different belts, deep integration into the Apple ecosystem…

Everyone who buys them is really happy with them. Even those who are dissatisfied are glad that they did not take a more expensive model in order to find out that smartwatches are not needed in their personal rhythm of life.

Finding a smart watch better than these for 24,990 rubles simply will not work. Read the rest about them in the review.

5. iPhone 12 Pro Max

Silver iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Price: from 109 990 rubles

The most advanced iPhone, where without it. I use it around the clock, this is the main device in life, like many of us. It’s not a pity for such any money, especially with my mode of use.

I am very happy with battery life in this generation, which is not surprising: many take Max just for the sake of it. It happens that I use it for two days in a row without recharging.

A large and super-contrast display with new “chopped” frames around looks great, is pleasant to work with, and even more so in entertainment. It’s especially cool to watch something with HDR on it, like series from Apple TV +.

Photos new large sensor makes awesome. I have already used pictures from it dozens of times in our widescreen and simply large reviews – none of you complained and did not notice the difference with an expensive Sony DSLR. Thanks to Apple ProRaw, it became possible to “stretch” frames to a level that iPhones simply could not demonstrate before.

Of course, you need to get used to the size (especially with a case). Even without a case, it feels larger than the previous flagship, 11 Pro Max, and the reason for this, in the first place, is the angular shape of the case. Not yet a fan of how easily the silver model scratches. The steel frames are worn, and even in the front there are small Kotska, gleaming in the face in the light. All this in a case, worn 24/7.

Take the blue model. Or black. Otherwise, I am absolutely and completely satisfied with the “promax” of 2020. If possible, and the size does not bother, then it is better to buy one than a regular iPhone 12 Pro.


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Green iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Alternative: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Yes, I recommend last year’s iPhone here. You will hardly find them for sale, because they were removed in the fall. But if you see, but you don’t have a great desire to take the newest model, you can safely take it.

I bought one for my wife last summer, and when I pick it up, I don’t see any difference in performance. Everything is very fast, even instantly. It shoots wonderfully and, although in some moments it does not reach the new Pro, in general it will be better than the vast majority of modern flagships for the same money. Especially in terms of video quality…

Of the unusual advantages of 11 Pro Max, I will highlight its comparative compactness, especially if you do not wear cases. I like the chopped edges of the “twelfths” more, but it makes no sense to deny the greater ergonomics of the previous generation. I wrote more about the device in the review of 2019.

The only point: I warn against buying used “promaxes” with a battery life below 90%. For such, the operating time will be equal to the most basic iPhone 12. And then it’s better to take the usual “dvenashka” for 78,990 rubles. It has smaller frames, and the display has been improved and turned into OLED.

6. iMac 2020

2020 27-inch iMac with nanotexture.

Price: from 169 990 rubles

The best computer that has ever sat on my desk.

I use a version with a “pumped” video card (16 GB Radeon 5700XT) and a top-end Intel Core i9, as well as 64 GB of RAM. This plane is three times higher than my requests. Passed Control on it at high in 2K, cut in Cyberpunk 2077 in 2K with settings above average. The merit here is primarily the video card, so for games I advise you to upgrade it in the configurator.

If you do not play games or render 3D, you can choose the most basic modification. Even 256 GB is enough for the system, but expand it yourself by connecting an external SSD. Also replace the RAM with as much as you need.

This Mac with an awesome monitor and just one cable will cover the needs of 99% of users with a vengeance and will serve faithfully for 5-10 years. Then sell it for some decent money when a 2020 PC costs as much as a couple of juice boxes.

I recommend taking the version with nanotexture if light sources interfere with you at the workplace or the sun shines unsuccessfully from the windows. If not, then the texture is not needed. This is not a 100% upgrade, and even more so not a “built-in” feature, namely option.


  • Review of the new 2020 27-inch iMac with nanotexture. Computer 10 years ahead

Alternative: does not exist

If you want a compact and powerful all-in-one desktop computer with a top-end display, then this is either an iMac or nothing. It is impossible to find something like this, such a computer has no objective replacement.

What to talk about if its screen itself justifies the purchase by 100 percent?

Useful little things

In addition to devices, in constant use I have a lot of accessories of various kinds. I will also briefly talk about them.

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and Air

Magic Keyboard Case for 11-inch iPad.

Price: 26 990 rubles

This is not just some kind of case, but a thing that changes the capabilities and functionality of the iPad in the bud.

You have a branded (and the best in the world) touchpad with gesture support. iPadOS is perfectly optimized for it, you can never touch the screen at all. The extra cursor precision, especially when working with text, is a bonus.

You appear case, which itself is several times harder than the iPad. This briquette cannot be bent at all, and it provides more than enough protection for transportation and daily wear.

You appear chic keyboard. The buttons are strong, quiet, with a pleasant tactile feedback. Printing speed is increased exponentially. The 11-inch iPad version has a smaller layout, but you can get used to it.

You appear dock station. The process of docking iPad to Magic Keyboard is magical. The tablet itself seems to be floating in the air, if you look from the front. Also, the angle of inclination is easily adjustable. During the year of operation, the magnets have not weakened, as well as the folding mechanism itself.

Finally, you have second USB-C port especially for charging. The main one remains free for connecting external devices, up to external drives.

In short, the thing is monstrously useful, so it’s definitely worth the money.


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Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Black Apple Magic Keyboard 2 with NUM-block.

Price: 13 990 rubles

The best keyboard of my life EVER after ten years of testing and searching. Really ten. When you work with texts daily and hourly, the requirements for the “clave” naturally rise through the roof, and the list of suitable models is reduced to a minimum.

The Magic Keyboard 2 is amazing: quiet, low, beautiful, reliable, with ultra-smooth travel, the most comfortable keys, and the ability to connect not only via Bluetooth, but also directly via Lightning cable to any Mac, PC, and anything else. I won’t trade it for anything. Well, if only Magic Keyboard 3.

Both the black and white versions (from the 2020 iMac bundle) look brand new, even though they’ve been tapped a lot more than a million times in six months.

I used to buy ancient Apple Wired Keyboard ten years ago. But there are fewer and fewer of them, and I don’t want to take shabby and broken ones at all. Fortunately, Magic Keyboard 2 gave me absolutely everything I needed. If you also write a lot at a stationary workplace, be sure to try it.


  • I love Apple keyboards, period. Magic Keyboard 2 Review

Apple USB-C Multiport Adapter with HDMI

Price: 6490 rubles

I have tried so many Chinese and third-party HDMI adapters that I can get a separate box for them. They worked no more than six months, and some broke down in the first weeks. Because manufacturers save on the quality of the cable and its protection, not to mention the electronics inside.

Only the original multiport adapter suits completely. It’s been six months since I’ve been using it every day and I haven’t had any problems at all. I connect my 16-inch MacBook Pro to an external monitor, use the USB port for external peripherals, and just keep the laptop charged via USB-C.

One thing makes the Macbook a stationary machine. Now I want the same one from Apple, but with DisplayPort support instead of HDMI, so that I can display a picture at 144 Hz on a working ultra-wide monitor. I’m sure I’ll never see anything like this, but hope dies last.


  • Do not buy Chinese USB-C adapters for MacBook. Tired

Beats Flex

Black Beats Flex and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Price: 4990 rubles

Long-playing and resistant headphones for only 4990 rubles. The sound is normal, just for this amount, but the main thing is 12 hours of continuous work, and absolutely real.

I sleep in them: so that nothing interferes, I turn on white noise in the MyNoise application, and I throw the iPhone away from the bed for charging. Small, sturdy, USB-C charged. A win-win buy, IMHO.


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Apple Leather Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Baltic Blue Apple Leather Case on Silver iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Price: 5990 rubles

I don’t really like silicone in general, plastic either. I wear leather not only for the sake of normal tactile sensations. It’s just that the buttons in it are very convenient – metal, easy to press, including blindly.

For three months, the condition is perfect, nothing peeled off, like some. But it was enough one once put the iPhone on the newfangled MagSafe charging, so that a trace-ring appears behind the case. Over time, he disappeared, and MagSafe has not been used since. Apple warns about this. I even drew a trace on the images of the cover in advance!

In general, the cover is like a cover, at the level of previous versions. It’s definitely better with him than without. Otherwise, the silvery steel edges are scratched from the air.

To the point:

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