This moment has come. Apple has finally released the iPhone 12 to the public.

Do not expect that today I will only praise this smartphone. It has both pluses and minuses.

And even though I’m still waiting for the iPhone 12 mini, I reviewed the 6.1-inch model with great interest. After all, in fact, this is what awaits us in the “minis”, but only with a larger screen diagonal.

You know, I really want to start the review with pure emotions. Like Wow, WOW and so on. They really were, but only on the first day of owning the device, as is usually the case. Then it’s just very good, I’m happy with the device.

After spending some time with this iPhone, I realized that it would be extremely popular. And with current trends, it may even bypass mini, taking the title of “people’s iPhone” from the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. I don’t say anything about SE, this is a separate caste of people.

But first things first. By the way, the unboxing of all the colors of the iPhone 12 was here.

And one more thing: here is our review of the iPhone 12 Proand here you can read impressions of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Meet! The iconic iPhone 4s/5 is back

Apple has taken small steps back to the much-loved design of the iPhone 4s.

Remember the announcement of the iPhone X. Then, for the first time in many years, glass and steel appeared in iPhones. What was familiar to us, it would seem, not so long ago. But for several years we were deprived of this by replacing the case with aluminum.

Now the moment has come for iconic design revival. Two years ago, the company began introducing it to the iPad Pro to test its relevance today. Apple in general, it seems to me, is testing many technologies on tablets before introducing them to smartphones. So it was with flat edges, so it was with LiDAR.

And people liked the updated iPad. Users praised the flat edges. Now it’s time to make them in iPhones. Where it all began.

It’s great to realize that you are holding a really cool, stylish device in your hands. The iPhone 12 is just that.

Purely by the sensations, holding a “dvenashka” in my hand, a wave of nostalgia periodically overwhelms me. The frames are aluminum in the “non-pros”, so the smart is even closer to the iPhone 5 than to 4/4s.

This is reminiscent of a more elongated display, and the color of the frames in the black version of the smartphone.

The difference is only in the shape of the buttons, if you look at the smartphone from the side.

To the point: Apple moved the certification badges to the side frame of the iPhone 12

In my opinion, Apple did the right thing by repainting the camera block. Now he seems matte (but don’t be deceived, tactile and physically it’s the same glass, prints will remainalthough not as conspicuous).

But now the substrate for them looks more harmonious than before. Due to the updated color, the block fits perfectly into the body of the device.

The choice of colors – nothing like that! Options for everyone

This year, Apple has again updated the color palette of the iPhone 12.

There are five colors to choose from: white, black, green, red and – new – blue.

Personally, I liked two cases from the new line. The blue iPhone 12 looks fresh, and the black has taken on an unusual hue.

In general, here is what I think about these body colors:

one. White: has a yellowish tint, closer to ivory. Frames are the same. Classic.

2. The black: also more classic, but with one nuance. This year it has a blue or maybe even slightly purple hue. It may not be for everyone.

Fun fact: even on the iPhone box, the edges are not black, but dark purple.

3. Blue: brand new color, there is some depth. Not a single photo or video will convey the real color of the device, it is better to look at it live.

four. Green: Last year, the iPhone 11 looked more alive in this color. Now it has become somewhat dim.

5. Red: also became dimmer. It still looks pretty good though.

If last year everyone in the editorial office agreed that green was the best in the new line, now opinions differ. For example, Nikita does not like black and green, Mikk does not like white, blue and green, but he is a fan of pale red.

Ergonomics. Flat edges take some getting used to

On the one hand, I’m very happy that flat edges are back. They always lay pleasantly in the hand, slightly crashing into it.

It didn’t feel like you were holding a bar of soap in your hands that was trying to slip out and fall to the ground. There is some sense of security.

However, after several years with rounded edges, this again has to get used to again. The iPhone 12 feels different in the hand. And it is rather a pleasant feeling.

I’ve been happy with the X, Xs Max and iPhone 11 and have gotten used to all the complexities that a wide big smartphone brings.

But, like millions of other users of large devices, I often thought about cheating. For me personally, the standard is a 5.5-inch gadget, but here have to wait for the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini. After all, such a small gadget is simply designed to be used with one hand.

Despite this, the 6.1-inch diagonal was also satisfied. However, there is what I said at the very beginning.

I don’t know about others, but personally, because of the flat edges, I felt a little harder to type with two hands. It feels like the space has become smaller, and the fingers are closer to each other. Because of what I began to miss the buttons more often.

I think I’ll get used to it in the coming days. But still, a small sediment still remains.

The display is just amazing. Thanks OLED

I am very glad that in the new line Apple has completely switched to OLED displays.

Now on any new iPhone the most pleasant to watch video and play. Compared to the LCD in my old iPhone 11, the screen just sparkled with new colors. Everything is bright and saturated, the 1080p picture is clear and super detailed.

Brightness remains the same 625 nits vs. 800 nits on Pro models. However, the maximum for both devices is 1200 nits. What makes the twelfth iPhones usable even in very bright sun. Everything is visible.

And that’s what I’ve always liked. Black colors are now really black, not greyish. Checking is easy enough: open a monotonous black picture and turn off the screen. You won’t notice the difference. So amazing depth.

The new OLED screen in the iPhone 12 has a resolution of 2532×1170 pixels and a density of 460 pixels per inch. The iPhone 11 has 1792×828 pixels, 326 ppi.

To understand how cool it is: when I run a YouTube video in 4K resolution at a distance of 5-10 cm from my eyes, I see much more details. The same goes for photographs. The picture remains as clear as possible.

And, OH GOD, I’m glad the bezels are slimmer. While walking with the iPhone 11, after a while I stopped noticing them, but occasionally they caught my eye. But now they almost invisible. And in such contrast with last year’s “mid-budget” iPhone, this “innovation” looks amazing.

Personally, I’m happy. The eyes do not get tired, the head does not hurt. The OLED panel in the iPhone 12 has a lot of advantages to blindly abandon the device.

And I advise you to try. Although I know for sure that not all of them will go, as practice shows.

Works for a long time, and it pleases

Let’s talk about battery life. Comparison with my current iPhone 11 will not be entirely correct, since it has only 85% capacity left, but in general, I know how long this smartphone can last.

Apple says you can watch videos on iPhone 12 up to 17 hoursin streaming mode — up to 11 o’clock. Well 65 hours when listening to music.

In iPhone 11, the only difference is with streaming. Available there 10 hours.

And you know what? I did not notice any strong increase in autonomy (but there is no drop either, although there is an OLED display). Taking off the iPhone 11 from charging at 8 am, with active use (Safari and Telegram almost always work at full capacity), he sat down for dinner, by two o’clock. And I see the same thing in the iPhone 12, well, maybe another half an hour or an hour. Definitely no more.

With normal use, with the periodic opening of social networks and viewing news feeds, “dvenashki” is enough maximum day and a half. Which is perfectly acceptable.

To the point: iPhone 12 and 12 Pro 5G battery life revealed

Alas, there was no time for a full battery test. Consider it first impressions

Generally, Apple figures confirm. The iPhone can work so much under the above conditions.

In other situations, you can not do without an outlet.

The cameras pumped well, although this is not always noticeable

A major innovation in the iPhone 12, after a redesign, is the camera.

The iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro have the same main and ultra wide-angle modules. The “pros” still have an additional telephoto and a LiDAR sensor, but read about them separately a little later, in Nikita’s Pro review.

The iPhone 12, like a year ago, has two lenses: a 12MP wide-angle and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle.

This solution has its drawbacks:

one. There is no optical zoom at all. The maximum you can only use is 5x digital zoom when taking photos and 3x for video.

2. There will be slightly less detail in the frame as you zoom in. And this is despite the fact that this year Apple did a great job of detailing the final images.

3. Can’t shoot at night portraits. The camera simply does not support this function, you need a LiDAR sensor.

The properties of the lenses themselves in the iPhone 12 and in the iPhone 12 Pro are identical:

▪️ Primary wide-angle f/1.6
▪️ Second ultra wide f/2.4

With the ultra wide-angle camera, you can capture twice as many subjects in photos and videos. Even when shooting a regular video at the “super-wide”, shaking is hardly noticeable during quiet shooting.

Although it is more visible when running, it is still not critical and, in general, is normal. Apple was able to pleasantly surprise.

Running example:

Walking example:

In addition, iPhone 12 now supports shooting in Dolby Vision at 30 frames per second. The technology dynamically encodes metadata. The result is the most optimized image transmission for the entire segment of the video as a whole and for individual scenes. HDR10 can’t do that.

Added an extra feature Lens distortion correction. It allows you to intelligently recover lost details, lines and colors.

Yes, the translators were clearly in a hurry with the text of the description

What I also liked was the improved seamless switching between cameras. If in the past generation it was hardly noticeable, but it is quite possible to detect it, now it is simply impossible to do so. The company has brought the function to the ideal.

It’s easy to check. Just take any fancy flagship with an ultra-wide-angle camera and switch to it from the regular one. You can clearly see the transition between them.

In iPhone 12 and above, there is no such problem, it just smoothly changes the zoom level. It only sometimes slows down, but I think this will be fixed with the new software.

Believe it or not, I didn’t manually correct the colors. This was done for me by an iPhone during the shooting. And this is an “over-width”!

Now animal fur is not smeared, paints have become more realistic

I don’t understand how it happened. But Smart HDR 3 finished off the picture to some unrealistic level. Filmed on automatic

And yes, the over-width now distorts the edges of the picture less. They have become smoother and not as stretched as in some fisheye.

And thanks Smart HDR 3 Colors in photos are more realistic than ever. This is both a plus and a minus. You don’t always want to look at the dull colors of the environment.

Plus, various portrait photos are even better. Even without a telephoto camera, animal fur or small objects do not blur.

Night photo. Now on all iPhone 12 cameras

Perhaps the biggest change in cameras is the ability to take night photos with any lens. Even from the front camera.

This is probably one of the strengths of the iPhone 12. All cameras capture excellent footage in low light: Many fine details appear, the picture becomes brighter and richer.

To the point: A professional photographer tested the iPhone 12 camera

This is especially true of the ultra-wide-angle lens, which in the iPhone 11 is, frankly, normal during the day and generally weak at night.

It is not known why Apple did not add Night mode to the previous generation, since this is only a software part. Apparently there are a number of limitations.

Of course, super wide shots aren’t always perfect. There are noises from time to time, but Smart HDR 3 smooths them out competently. So they are either minimal or not visible at all.

Time 22:15, ultra wide

Here, for example, here I photographed away from the lights. The iPhone shot all the objects clearly, separating the pond, trees and buildings.

At the same time, each blade of grass remained separate, and did not mix into porridge.

Time 21:05, ultrawide

Or another example. The camera did an excellent job with a complex scene, correctly conveying all the colors, without blurring or darkening anywhere.

Every element of the frame is visible.

Time 21:10, main camera

Believe it or not, the iPhone captured the light from a single flashlight about 20 meters away from me that wasn’t even pointed at the flower.

Time 21:15, main camera

There was more than enough light for the lens here. So there were no particular problems with photography.

The shooting was already done without the Night mode. With him, the difference is minimal.

Time 20:57, ultra wide

All the light in the image above comes from the building. Here, as for me, there is not enough saturation over-width. The photo is detailed, but rather boring in terms of colors.

Time 23:34, main camera

Time 00:05, main camera

Time 00:06, ultra wide

In the last two photos, so that you understand, all the light is 50 meters away from me. Not a single lamp works close behind me.

In fact, all the camera light was collected from distant objects.

A more detailed analysis of the photo capabilities of the flagships will be later in a separate article. Expect a big review with dozens of examples per camera, just like last year.

Night selfies are also improved

Ouch. There was a photo example here, and it will definitely come back. We promise.

I have long gotten used to the idea that the front camera cannot produce normal photos in low light. This went on for all generations of iPhones until the release of the iPhone 12. Apple finalized the algorithms and was able to introduce Night mode for selfies.

Here no noise, the picture is brighter, you can see MUCH MORE details and objects in the frame. Under certain circumstances, selfies in minimal light can turn out really cool and unusual.

A14 iron is power. Felt from the first seconds

Yes, we do this every year. But sorry, Apple has been making top-of-the-line mobile processors in its class for many years now.

This is periodically confirmed by various benchmark tests. For example, in the same Geekbench: 1593 points in single-core mode and 3859 points in multi-core mode. No Android flagship can even come close to achieving this result.

But come on, these are all dry numbers that will tell few people about anything. What’s in reality?

There were no questions about the speed of opening applications for the entire time of working with a smartphone. Everything flies and opens in a split second. Even damn VKontakte, which can either run on the iPhone 11 for 2-3 seconds, or upload photos that I want to throw into the conversation. Or Pixelmator, which I use quite actively. Processing and rendering of finished photos is almost instantaneous.

In games, too, everything is, in principle, clear. The top A14 processor loads capacious mobile AAA titles approximately 2 times fasterthan A13.

For example, the trendy Genshin Impact (a review will also be coming soon). From the moment of launch to the beginning of the game, it takes about 18 seconds. Whereas on the iPhone 11 I wait about half a minute.

Or Beyond the Steel Sky from Apple Arcade. It also loads in about 15 seconds.

Well, yes. All top games run at maximum graphics settings. Where 60 FPS is available, they are there too.

Ah, 5G…

One of the leading words at the autumn presentation was 5G. This is an important innovation that allows you to work in networks with speeds of at least 1 Gb / s.

To the point: Apple Allows Downloading iOS Updates Over 5G on iPhone 12. No Wi-Fi Needed

However, it is not yet possible to test the technology. Now 5G in Russia does not work. Only in closed demo zones.

We will check next year or 2022.

How much does the iPhone 12 cost in Russia. Buy or skip?

With full confidence, I’ll say for sure that there is no great need for owners of the previous generation iPhone 11 Pro to buy the iPhone 12. Except for the new design.

But if you have an iPhone Xs and lower, then you can already think about updating. The cameras are very different, at least, the presence of night photography, the hardware has become noticeably more powerful, the sound is more voluminous, and that’s it. Notice the increase in everything.

▪iPhone 12 64 GB: RUB 79,990

▪iPhone 12 128 GB: RUB 84,990

▪iPhone 12 256 GB: RUB 94,990

in detail, if you have

▪️ iPhone 8. A couple more years, and your smartphone will no longer be supported by new versions of iOS. Yes, and the design is quite yesterday. It’s time, people!

▪️ iPhone X. In principle, you can walk for another year. But the battery is probably pretty worn out. The camera also shoots much worse, the contrasting picture of that generation with littered with shadows is no longer the same.

▪️ iPhone XR. Yes, yes and again Yes. iPhone 12 is better than XR in everything. From design and screen to performance and battery life.

▪️ iPhone Xs. You can upgrade to the usual 12th for the sake of the camera, a slightly larger screen, and if you use the “telephoto” a little. And so in 2020 you, in general, have a self-sufficient gadget that will last for several more years without much stress on the nerves.

▪️ iPhone 11. Here everything depends only on you. New design, slightly better processor and cameras. If the screen is not annoying, you can not update.

Thanks to Nikita Goryainov and Mikk Sid for the iPhone 12 photo.

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