How does fast charging work?

Modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries. It is no longer possible to increase the operating time of such batteries, but you can speed up the charging process. Fast charging technologies optimize it in two ways:

  • increasing electrical voltage;
  • increasing the current.

Quick Charge standard

Many companies develop their own fast-charging protocols, but Qualcomm’s technology called Quick Charge has gained general acceptance. Quick Charge can be used with HTC, LG, Nokia, Xiaomi and other Android smartphones. Simply put, it works on all phones that are equipped with processors from Qualcomm.

Technologies such as OnePlus Dash Charge, Huawei Super Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge and Motorola Turbo Charge are based on or compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge.

Is fast charging harmful to a smartphone battery?

What happens when you charge your phone?

During normal phone charging, a voltage of 5 volts and a current of 1 ampere are supplied through a regular USB. As a result, 5 watts of electricity goes to the smartphone.

Quick-Charge version 3.0 charges the battery with up to 20 volts and 4.6 amps. To prevent damage to the smartphone battery, it is charged with a power of no more than 20 watts. As a result, the battery is replenished by 50% in just half an hour – or even faster. But the remaining 50% is already charging longer.

Is fast charging bad for a smartphone?

No, not harmful. In order not to damage the device, when using Quick Charge technology, the supply of electric current is regulated. However, fast charging will cause the battery to become very hot, shortening its lifespan. We do not recommend using your smartphone while charging, so as not to make it heat up even more. When possible, charge the battery in a cool place or in the shade, and to speed up the process, turn on Airplane mode.

If your phone is not compatible with Quick Charge, but you still charge it with such a USB charger, your smartphone will not be damaged. He will just get as much energy as he needs.

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