Readers are periodically interested in the Magic Keyboard: do I still wear it, there are shortcomings, is it worth taking?

As I read these emails, I glance at the iPad Pro and every time I remember for the first time that the Magic Keyboard is actually an accessory, and not just a factory-installed tablet component.

I’m so used to this super-doc that I stopped perceiving it without it. tablet. More don’t want iPad Pro without Magic Keyboard. How did it even happen?

Pluses from the keyboard in 3 months: there are a lot of them

I just don’t want to take off the Magic Keyboard. No kidding, the iPad Pro is actually rooted in it. I take the tablet off once a week at most for fun, only to put it back on after a couple of minutes.

A keyboard block, a separate charging port, a super-strong stand, an excellent touchpad with all the ensuing possibilities of interaction with iPadOS – why deprive yourself of this? Once accustomed to this form of use, deliberately refuse … well, unrealistic.

I can only vaguely remember where my Smart Folio is, the usual magnetic case from Apple. Yes, it weighs 4 times less, and such a “sandwich” is a little more portable. But there is no keyboard and other things … but it is much more convenient with it.

Exactly once I regretted not taking a regular Folio with me when I shot one topic on a tablet and its LIDAR sensor. But in the end, I was even grateful to the keyboard dock, which in this process served well as a strong grip in portrait mode, and a vertical stand in landscape photography.

The touchpad is super convenient. Thanks to the new cursor system in the latest versions of iPadOS, in the heat of the moment, you can forget that the display is actually touch-sensitive – you can poke your finger if you want.

For the first month and a half, third-party application developers caught up with the trend and finalized software compatibility with this new method of interaction. Google ran the slowest with the YouTube client. Now I personally do not see any problems. In the same YouTube, by mid-August, compatibility became complete: all actions, including video scrubbing, are now performed from the touchpad.

iPad Pro in this mode turns into a mini-laptop. And if I work with another device, then it stands in a stand and serves either as a second screen (Sidecar is convenient!), Or just a display for secondary content. To manage it, now it’s enough to put your hand on the touchpad, since it’s right next to the Mac, open and ready to go.

The keyboard is excellent and ultra-reliable. Typing is just plain fun, especially on the 12.9-inch version of the Magic Keyboard.

70% of the time, the iPad Pro is in the open Magic Keyboard on the table. I ate over it, took it to bed about fifty times, wiped the usual apartment and office dust around the edges and in between the keys many times.

All buttons are still pressed perfectly, none of them sinks, does not blunt. Apple keeps the promise of high keyboard reliability.

Tactile feedback is not in vain reminiscent of that, say, in the 2020 MacBook Air – the same “scissor” mechanism with peppy feedback and a clear click. No wonder many sites call Magic Keyboard for iPad the best keyboard for tablets. ever.

As a stand, the Magic Keyboard is awesome. iPad hangs like in the air and rotates to the desired angle with a single movement of the hand. There is no backlash as such, the hinges do not move, well, except that a vibration wave will pass through the entire case with a tablet a couple of times, if you specifically rub the top edge of the open cover.

Face ID is far enough away that I don’t have to reach for the screen to unlock. A message has arrived, the display lights up, but you need to log in to view the details? It’s not a question, I just look towards the tablet, and that’s it, iPadOS reveals the content of all notifications.

The lower part of the cover does not roll on the table and stands on it very firmly. I am surprised that after 3 months of contact with the table, deep scratches or signs of wear did not appear on it. But I can say for sure from experience with similar material in Smart Folio: never wipe the case with thick or fluffy wipes, otherwise traces will remain.

Given all the features of the case, I do not see anything that Apple could do better. The maximum angle of inclination above the current one would deprive the entire structure of balance.

A separate charging port enhances functionality. I’m not the type to constantly plug everything into the iPad Pro, like extra sets of ports. But it happens a few times a week.

Most often, the iPad Pro charges some other accessory or iPhone while it is powered by a cable through the Magic Keyboard. But I also connected various little things more than once: from the camera – I threw RAW into the iPad’s memory in order to select the best photos for review on the road – to an HDMI adapter to display the picture on TV.

This free port regularly comes in handy and allows you not to sacrifice the level of charge of the tablet itself for the sake of external peripherals.

The magnets didn’t loosen. iPad Pro still sits like a glove, you can at least shake it.

Accidentally unhook it is unrealistic. Does not fall out of the “grooves” under pressure from the USB-C port when you insert a cable or adapter there. If you look at the number of magnets in the folding cover-stand, then it is pointless to be surprised at this. There are two dozen of them!

The screen is in order, there are no traces from the keyboard. On older MacBooks, the oleophobic coating quickly peeled off the screen due to rubbing against the keys. A reader asked to see if something like this would happen with the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard.

Let me remind you that since the moment I appeared in Russia, I have been carrying a tablet in a Magic Keyboard case almost without interruption, the degree of activity of use is nowhere higher. And now I wiped the screen, twisted it in the light – everything is absolutely clean, at least after three months.

Cons Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: also available, but not enough

The 11-inch version lacks… a keyboard. Even after three months of regular typing, I still miss the thin row of keyboard keys several times a day. Who does not know, the 11-inch Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard models differ from the 12.9-inch models in a reduced area of ​​​​almost two dozen keys – from Shift and Caps Lock to Russian “x”, “e” and so on.

And so you first work on any MacBook or regular Magic Keyboard 2, change to iPad Pro and constantly feel some kind of trick. Everything seems to be as it was, but there is a feeling that the brushes seem to be squeezing in a vise. Once and missed here, here. And the similarity to Mac keyboards even hurts a little here, deceiving muscle memory.

Apple’s motivation here is clear: the company wanted to keep the maximum area of ​​​​all the buttons, but not remove any of them and maintain “keyboard parity” with the 12.9-inch version. It worked out. But I can say for sure that it will be much more convenient to type on a large tablet model and the corresponding Magic Keyboard. I checked with a friend, and there really is ZEN.

Yes, the weight is big. But it’s a matter of habit. When you do not take out the iPad Pro for weeks, you can forget that it weighs an insignificant 400-odd grams. And then, yes, you understand that the case is heavy. With him – 1074 grams!

One kilogram in a bag and even more so in a backpack is not felt. But in the hands, in the open state, the weight is already noticeable, and I want to lean on something. I usually put it right in my elbow if for some reason I need to print something or work with the iPad on the go.

To the honor of the cover, I want to say that I have never tipped it back, although there are all conditions for this. Even on my knees it was fine to type, although here the 12.9-inch version will be corny better. 11-inch tends to fall between the legs.

I do not like the small number of settings for the cover. I would really like iPadOS to finally allow you to change the keyboard shortcut to change the layout. VERY! In Cupertino, this issue is hardly of concern to many, after all, English is everything …

It has already become commonplace to switch to the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard, to get drunk out of habit cmd+space to switch to Russian and say “yes, it’s mine, well, what is it” to the pop-up Spotlight window. The “globe” button for changing the layout doesn’t do the weather for me personally – it’s unusual to use it after Mac and even Windows. While I manage the combination control+Spacebut this is not what knocks down the first half hour, violates the usual way of printing.

In iOS 14, developers were given the opportunity to fully integrate the keyboard and touchpad in games (which is great, we are waiting for the results). Against this background, it is additionally strange that they will not let you set up combinations. Just as they did not implement backlight brightness control from the keys, and not only in Settings.

Or am I the only one who, in the old fashioned way, is used to switching languages ​​to cmd+space?

My keyboard seems to have a curved bottom. I noticed this on the very first day when I unpacked it, but I thought – probably, the table at home is crooked. But de jure self-isolation is over, since then there have been dozens of tables, and the keyboard still does not stand perfectly even on the table.

From the outside, everything is fine, but sometimes I can notice how the tablet barely sways while typing.

If you have a Magic Keyboard, check – does it swing a little too? Or just a copy of this caught?

As a result, Magic Keyboard is the best thing you can buy in addition to the iPad Pro

No options, Apple got the top thing. As I have repeatedly said before, it even justifies the price: so many functions in one inside one accessory still need to be looked for.

In one accessory, Apple fits everything that iPad owners have been asking for for many years:

▸ MacBook-like keyboard
▹ …with backlight!
▸ touchpad like on a MacBook
▹ …and that gestures support everything!
▸ adjustable tablet stand
▹ … and to be taller, sorry for the neck!
▸ Finally, charging so that USB-C does not take up

All this, at the same time and at once – Magic Keyboard, more than just a keyboard. And definitely not just a cover. But so is he, why not.

– from Magic Keyboard Review April 2020

And three months later, I can’t bring myself to take out the tablet at all and use it without the Magic Keyboard. Every day in the morning I look and think: well, how to give up all this? Suddenly need? Clap, closed, flew into the bag.

And after all it took something repeatedly. From the latter – “in the fields” wrote a review of eSIM from MegaFon and Beeline. Right in the salon and in the shopping center, he sat down and typed the entire text. The touchpad, keyboard, comfortable cursor in iPadOS and a sturdy stand allow you to deploy percussion with text anywhere. The only difference with the MacBook was that it was… an iPad.

I would like the price of the Magic Keyboard to drop at least a little in the future. Now the version for the 11-inch iPad Pro costs 26,990 rubles, and for the 12-inch – 30,990 rubles. This is a whole 7th generation iPad, if anything. It’s a pity, because otherwise more people would appreciate how globally the perception of the tablet and its convenience are changing in almost any scenario.

PS The price is the price, and the demand for the Magic Keyboard is large both around the world and here in Russia. The version for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is sold out almost everywhere, and on the Apple website it is delivered with a delay of 1-2 weeks. So a good thing will always find those who want it.

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