Why does the computer understand us?

The term “computer language” refers to all languages ​​that allow human and computer to interact. A distinction is made between languages ​​that machines can read and those that humans can understand.

Languages ​​understood by machines can be read by the processor and, therefore, executes the commands sent with their help. In this case, we are talking about the so-called machine languages. But there are also computer languages ​​that humans can read. These include, for example, programming languages. They use the words and symbols of human language – the computer can neither read nor interpret them.

To make these languages ​​readable by the hardware, they need to be translated into machine language. This can happen in real time with an interpreter, or in advance with an assembler or compiler.

What languages ​​does the computer understand?

Let's talk to the PC: what is a computer language?A single computer language for all, as you already understood from the beginning of our article, does not exist. There is a very long list of various computer languages, and the most famous among them are probably the programming languages ​​already mentioned.

Scripting languages ​​are not pre-translated by the compiler into machine code. Interpreters make them readable by the computer, and this allows certain actions to be performed. Scripting languages ​​include Python and Javascript.

Another form of programming languages ​​are the so-called high-level languages. Here, the information is programmed with human-readable code, and the compiler converts this code into machine code. Examples of high-level languages ​​are C and C++.

Unlike the above, markup languages ​​do not use programs, so they are not converted to machine code. They are used to create documents that any program can work with. Classical examples of markup languages ​​are HTML, XML or CSS.

There are also database languages ​​such as SQL. They are not directly related to programming languages, but they control the computer when executing queries against the database.

If you want to learn how to program on your own, then in this article you will find valuable tips for beginner programmers.

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