The Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to launch an experiment on marking electronic devices on March 1.

Manufacturers and importers of 26 categories of goods, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-books, video cameras and printed circuit boards, can voluntarily join it.

Additional marking is needed to counter the illegal circulation of products and the introduction of a recycling fee.

It is likely that, as is the case with drugs and tobacco products, manufacturers will need to stick a stamp with a unique code or print it on the label.

Foreign suppliers opposed the initiative. Representative of the Association of Trading Companies and Producers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment (RATEK) Anton Guskov said that the marking is useless, and the appearance of a recycling fee will lead to an increase in the cost of production. RATEK includes Apple, Intel, Samsung, HP and Dell. [Коммерсантъ]

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Manufacturers can volunteer to participate in the experiment.

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