Deliveries of smartphones in stores of large retailers fell 3-4 times in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year, Kommersant reports.

According to Tatiana Skokova, Distribution Director of Merlion’s Broad Distribution Division, “shelves in stores are already starting to empty.” Mostly missing iPhone and Samsung.

Andrey Tarasov, executive director of diHouse, confirmed the reduction in the supply of departed brands. He added that the “real shortage” of electronics will begin in September-October.

To increase the supply of equipment, stores began to cooperate with individual entrepreneurs who import devices through parallel imports.

Previously, large distributors and official representative offices of vendors were mainly involved in deliveries, but now the circle of players has noticeably expanded – from individual entrepreneurs to the retailers themselves.

Kommersant’s source

M.Video-Eldorado said that there were no problems with the supply of gadgets.

We do not notice a shortage and regularly replenish and expand the range, current stocks both in width, that is, a variety of models and brands, and in depth, that is, a sufficient number of popular goods, satisfy the current demand.

Representative of M.Video-Eldorado

In re:Store, MegaFon and MTS also reported that they were not experiencing problems with the availability of equipment. [Коммерсантъ]

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