Electric vehicles have been in the spotlight for quite some time now. This is largely the merit of companies such as Tesla, which are trying to advertise “green” vehicles in the eyes of the public. However, despite all the advances in electric vehicles, traditional gasoline-powered vehicles still have one major advantage over their electric counterparts: the driving range with a full tank of gasoline is much longer than with a single battery charge.

This problem still persists among EV owners, simply because long distance commutes are scary. Even in Europe, not everywhere there are electric stations, not to mention Russia, and staying on the track with an empty battery is not the best prospect. And while modern electric vehicles are beginning to mitigate this problem by offering 200-350 miles on a single charge, the second problem is long battery recharges: from 8 to 12 hours.

Electric vehicles: BMW i3However, in the near future, all these problems can be resolved literally in one fell swoop. Researchers at the University of Bristol and the University of Surrey have developed batteries that could be a breakthrough in energy storage technology. New supercapacitors can replenish their capacity in 10 minutes, and the electrically conductive polymer used in them increases the energy storage density by one and a half times compared to lithium-ion counterparts.

“We could start a new chapter in low-cost electrical energy storage technology, which in turn could shape the future of industry and society for many years to come,” says Dr. Brendan Howlin, professor at the University of Surrey.

In particular, the researchers found that their new polymer can hold approximately 180 watt-hours of energy per kilogram, which is significantly higher than the 100-120 watt-hours per kilogram that lithium-ion batteries have. Such an improvement can significantly increase the mileage of trips, allowing you to comfortably travel in electric vehicles between cities on a single charge.

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