For fans of electric cars, 2017 was an exciting year. In 2018, the offer will not be so big, but some expectations with new models from Tesla, BMW, Nissan & Co., nevertheless, are still associated. In addition, we are ready to meet intriguing new products in this area from companies such as Audi and Jaguar.

2018 is the opening act for the following years

The queues for the top-end electric cars that are being prepared for release are large. And yet, hotly anticipated models, such as the VW ID Crozz or Tesla Roadster, will not go into mass production until 2019. It will not be possible to see elegant crossovers from Nio on the roads until 2020 at all. In the coming year, the number of new electric vehicles will be very limited. Alas, most of the models under consideration come to Russia exclusively as an exclusive. The lack of electric stations, terrible operating conditions and a low tax rate gain, as well as the high cost of maintenance, make the idea of ​​having an electric car in a garage in Russia impractical.

one Nissan Leaf 2

New electric vehicles in 2018: longer range, more features, falling prices
The second version of the popular mini-electric car with an extended range

One of the most important all-electric models of the coming year is the second generation Nissan Leaf. The re-release of the world’s best-selling electric car so far promises a range of 370 kilometers with increased performance. Later, a version with a range of 500 kilometers on a single charge should appear. Another feature of the novelty should be the ePedal, a multifunctional pedal that combines the control of the functions of both acceleration and braking. The Leaf 2 will be produced, among other things, at the Nissan plant in Sunderland, England, and should cost about 32,000 euros in Europe.

2 Tesla Model 3

New electric vehicles in 2018: longer range, more features, falling prices
Thanks to the Model 3, Tesla should finally become more affordable in 2018

Along with the Leaf 2, the Tesla Model 3 is one of the hottest electric vehicles of the coming year. Although the prices for this compact electric car have not been officially announced yet, it can be assumed that the basic version in Europe will cost at least 40,000 euros. Thus, Tesla for the first time pays attention to the price segment that it understands. However, buyers will not have to completely abandon the usual luxury: the Model 3 range should be from 300 to 400 kilometers, and Tesla’s new unmanned vehicle control feature on board should already appear in serial form. The only drawback of the model is the queues stretching for six months and the mediocre quality of the interior. After all, her ergonomics were designed and calculated by IT specialists.

3 BMW i3s

New electric vehicles in 2018: longer range, more features, falling prices
Even faster, but not for long. Improved BMW shed weight and became more sporty

In 2018, the new electric car will roll off the assembly line in Bavaria. Under the name “i3s”, BMW is going to sell a redesigned version of its successful i3 electric car. The new generation with its 184 hp. will be more sporty, which, however, will be done at the expense of the driving range on a single charge. As before, the i3 will either be available as a purely electric version or with a small petrol engine acting as a generator to increase range. You can find the test results report here.

four BMW i8 Roadster

New electric vehicles in 2018: longer range, more features, falling prices
Sporty, elegant, electric – the hybrid roadster is truly impressive

For admiring glances, BMW does not hunt with the i3s, but with the i8 Roadster. The sporty plug-in hybrid with outstanding design and three electric motors accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. The cost of BMW’s first open hybrid will be somewhere around 155,000 euros. Which is expensive even for wealthy Europeans.

5 E.Go Life

New electric vehicles in 2018: longer range, more features, falling prices
E.Go: Europe’s cheapest electric car

From sporty elegance to small and inexpensive: the e.Go Life will be produced in the German town of Aachen as early as next year. The model will be available in three price versions. The most economical option, minus the state subsidy for the purchase of electric vehicles, will cost the buyer an incredibly low 12,000 euros and with a range of 100 kilometers for urban daily trips, it will be quite suitable. Alas, the model will be stuck exclusively in Germany, it will not be easy even for neighbors to buy it.

6 Smart Fortwo / Forfour Electric Drive

New electric vehicles in 2018: longer range, more features, falling prices
Electrified “Smarts” will certainly be of interest to car sharing companies

Small Smarts, used primarily as a means of getting around the city, have always seemed to be destined to become electric vehicles. So it was only a matter of time before the Daimler subsidiary switched to an alternative drive. In 2018, with the Smart Electric Drive, the company will take another step towards an all-electric future. Electric cars from Smart with two or four doors in the form of coupes and convertibles will appear with price tags from 21,940 euros.

7 Audi e-tron / Jaguar i-Pace

New electric vehicles in 2018: longer range, more features, falling prices
Jaguar E-Pace: The British manufacturer will develop its electric crossover in 2018

Also in 2018, two premium electric crossovers should enter the market: Audi starts with the e-tron, a luxury electric car that will cost 80,000 euros and have a range of 500 kilometers. At the same time, the new product from Ingolstadt will have to compete not only with the Model X from Tesla, but also with the Jaguar i-Pace. The British crossover will also be able to travel on a single charge up to 500 kilometers, and from 0 to 100 km/h it will accelerate in almost 4 seconds.

2018 will be “small but remote”

In 2018, there will be seven noteworthy new electric vehicles on European streets. And even if we would love to see a wider selection, there are some very interesting models on the list as well. First of all, these are the Nissan Leaf 2 and Tesla Model 3, but an inexpensive car called e.Go Life can also be attractive in its own way. 2018 should bring a lot of exciting things in areas such as battery technology and range extension. A lot has been done here lately and the end of development is not yet in sight.

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