The mysterious bell is located, as the name suggests, at Oxford University, for protection it is closed with a glass cap. The handwritten note says that the bell was created in 1840. Since then, a small hammer has been swinging back and forth between the two bells, thereby creating a ringing.

For 177 years, a dry battery has been providing energy for the call. She got into the Guinness Book of Records as the world record holder for longevity among batteries. In the YouTube video, you can watch the Oxford Electric Bell in action.

The battery makes riddles to scientists

How a dry battery manages to do its job for so long, no one knows. It consists of several plates superimposed on each other, and so far it is not known exactly what they consist of. Only the external material of the battery can be said with certainty that it consists of sulfur and plays the role of insulation.

Of course, researchers could unravel the mystery of the little centenarian by simply disassembling and looking at the battery from the inside. But, most likely, this will put an end to the 177-year-old marathon, and no one wants to be responsible for interrupting such an experiment.

The residual voltage of the battery has already become so small that the ringing cannot be heard without special technical means. Since the battery has already made the bell ring more than 10 billion times, the appearance of technical fatigue is more than understandable.

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