iPhones drain quickly. I’m sure you know by heart how many percent of the charge yours will have by four o’clock in the afternoon.

Smart Battery Case breaks those expectations in half. Strange feeling: going second day of active use iPhone without charging, and at this rate the device will last even until the evening. It seemed to suddenly come future.

It’s not just a battery case. Instead of a banal adaptation of old Battery Cases to new iPhones, we got a real gadget, thought out to the smallest detail.

So good that it is not a pity to pay a substantial 12 thousand rubles.

What is a Smart Battery Case and where did it come from

In mid-January, Apple released three new cases for its flagship iPhones: the iPhone XR, Xs, and Xs Max. All are called the same – Smart Battery Case.

You already know the key feature: this is both a cover and battery simultaneously. A rare guest in our area (try to find at least 4-5 alternatives in Russian stores!), but very necessary.

Distinctive feature of the new generation Battery Case: wireless charging coil inside. Each Smart Case can be powered wirelessly. The rarest feature for battery cases! It’s great that Apple is so confused.

Visually, the covers are boring: dark grey or white silicone on top, soft lining inside. I can tell you straight away that they get stuck in no time. In this regard, there are no differences from the original (and regular) silicone case. I would not refuse the leather version, but alas.

There is an indicator inside the case. You can charge without an iPhone.

The battery inside is charged via the Lightning port at the bottom of the case. Nominally, any charging and Lightning cable will do, but in fact everything is a little more interesting. I’ll explain a little below.

The cell capacity of all Smart Battery Case models is relatively small. Total 1369 mAh. The figure does not cause joy, because smartphones cost 2-4 times more batteries. In the same iPhone Xs – 2658 mAh.

The small volume, however, is compensated by the power: the case is able to charge the iPhone almost at the highest possible speed – 10.1 watt / hour. Reduced and loss of efficiency. So do not look at one mAh volume, it will not show the big picture.

The logical question then is: how much battery life will Smart Battery Case add to your iPhone?

▪️ iPhone Xs: 21 hours in browser, 25 hours of video, 33 hours of talk

▪️ iPhone XS Max: 20 hours in browser, 25 hours of video, 37 hours of talk

▪️ iPhone XR: 22 hours in browser, 27 hours of video, 39 hours of talk

To put it mildly, this is very good. On paper we have up to 75% increase in battery life. But how are things in reality?

Put Smart Battery Case on iPhone Xs, what happened next

I tested Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs Max. The smartphone itself is large, and the case makes it almost a mini-tablet. I can’t say that I am a fan of the resulting “sandwich”. It couldn’t be otherwise.

There is a battery inside, and therefore the case is additionally protected from damage. He thicker than usual silicone, with especially wide edges and a frame around the display. Inserted inside rigid metal framewhich does not bend at all.

I immediately warn you: if you often remove and put on covers, Smart Battery Case will not please you. It fits so tightly on the iPhone and is hard to remove that after a minute of trying, you will want to put up with it and leave it in place forever.

When putting on the case, the Lightning port inside docks with the iPhone, charging begins. You can follow the process right in iOS. For these purposes, the system (starting with iOS 12.1) has added a separate icon for the charge level of the case.

By the way, it is also in the desktop widget (“Batteries”). Basically, that’s all.

I went to test. Having recharged the iPhone and case, at 6 pm I left the office. I didn’t specifically charge my iPhone at home. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth was turned on, an LTE network was connected. The screen brightness is approximately 70% adjusted for automatic adjustment.

I watched videos on YouTube, worked, sat in the browser and in instant messengers. Listened to music through BT. In short, he did not deny himself anything, and even specially loaded the device.

By 1 a.m. on the first day, the case had about 60% charge left, and the iPhone had all 100.

The second day passed in the same combat mode. The cover was discharged somewhere in the afternoon. It wasn’t until 2am, after a day of almost continuous use, that the iPhone showed the treacherous 20% warning.

Without the cover, he would have shown it at 10 am on the second day, that is, 16 hours earlier.

Outcome: Smart Battery Case works as it should and allows you to extend battery life more than one and a half times. I have no questions.

How to properly and super-fast charge your Smart Battery Case

I learned an interesting feature while testing the cover. You can charge the new Smart Battery Case in as many as five (!) Ways.

one. From the included iPhone charger. Priority for the iPhone: when it reaches 100%, the case will start charging.

2. From a charger 10-12 watts (iPad kit). Both the iPhone and the case will charge at the same time. Each is allocated 5 watts.

3. From the new 18W USB-C charger (iPad Pro bundle) or 29W charger. The priority is on the iPhone, but the charging speed is almost doubled compared to a conventional charger.

four. From any USB-C charger for MacBook 30 watts or higher. The fastest option: Both case and iPhone charge at the same time at double speed!

5. Finally, wireless charging. Long, hard, but it works. Any QI platform will do. iPhone priority.

If you have a USB-C charger with a power of 30 watts or more, you will receive maximum profit from Smart Battery Case. After all, then it will be possible to charge both the accessory and the iPhone at the same speed as before – and as a result, have one and a half times longer battery life.

The owners of the new MacBooks were given a cool bonus. The only disappointment is that the old 29-watt units (from the 12-inch MacBook) will not work for the fastest charging method. Checked on mine.

More impressions and thoughts

Carrying an iPhone with such a case in your hands turned out to be easier and easier than expected. Of course, without two hands, nowhere, and the difference in weight is noticeable at first. But there is nothing critical, just the smartphone has become a little thicker.

I was surprised how Smart Battery Case light. In the photo it seems that they put inside brick. And when you hold it in your hands, you think: is there definitely something inside?

Apple at least sweetened the pill by changing the location of the battery pack: in past generations, it was closer to the center of the smartphone, and now it is logically located closer to its bottom. It is more comfortable.

Smart Battery Case for iPhone 8 (2017) on the right, for iPhone XS (2019) on the left. Pay attention to the location of the battery pack.

Drop protection is nearly impenetrable due to the thickness of the silicone on both the back and around the display.

The heating of the back panel of the case during the charging of the iPhone is either absent or imperceptible. Only when the case itself is connected to a power outlet does the back side heat up a little, within adequate limits.

From the little things – the sound of the iPhone’s speakers makes its way through the cutouts at the bottom of the case without problems, while the quality does not change at all.

Cellular signal is not weakening, there was no interference specifically from Smart Case. This is a sore subject of Chinese battery cases, and it’s great that Apple did not step on their rake.

It’s a pity that for the price of a Smart Case you can buy 2/3 of the new iPhone SE, but there’s nothing you can do about it. But you can stop wearing the second pipe “for a rainy day”.

How much does it cost in Russia?

Prices for all new Smart Battery Case models are the same:

▪️ For iPhone Xs: RUB 11,190

▪️ For iPhone Xs Max: RUB 11,190

▪️ For iPhone XR: RUB 11,190

You can choose between white and dark gray silicone. I frankly do not advise taking white, because it will instantly, almost on the same day, begin to paint and darken. Black is much better.

The longer I walked with the Smart Battery Case, the more I realized: I never want to take it off. You can easily get used to long battery life, and you quickly stop noticing the weight and thickness. I can imagine how long the iPhone XR will work with it!

Yes, it would be great if an iPhone without any cases held a charge for two whole days under shock load. But until that happens, the Smart Battery Case – the best option to “increase” the iPhone battery. The only pity is that there is no leather. Silicone is still not mine.

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