YouTube appeared not so long ago, but has already become a part of everyday life for many Internet users. The first and oldest video uploaded to YouTube is called very simply – Me at the zoo (“I’m at the zoo”). It was posted on April 23, 2005 by YouTube co-creator Karim Javed on behalf of the user jawed. In the video, Karim stands in front of an elephant enclosure.

The video lasts only 18 seconds, during which the hero talks about his walk around the zoo. He addresses the audience with the following words (translated into Russian): “So, we are at the elephants. What’s cool about them is that they have a very long trunk. And that’s cool.”

The first comment on the video (and, accordingly, the first comment on YouTube in general) was very informative: “Interesting …” (“Interesting”).

And here is the video itself.

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Photo and video: youtube, pixabay