Our colleagues from the American portal highspeedinternet.com decided to conduct a small study on popular myths about gadgets. They studied the search terms and also interviewed readers and got amazing results. The statistics are for the States, but something tells us that Russia will have similar results.

86% believe that the more “megapixels” in the camera, the better the pictures

Of course it isn’t. The role of “megapixels” in image quality is greatly exaggerated: much more important, for example, is the size of the matrix. But sometimes they don’t show at all.

52% believe that charging a smartphone all night is bad for the battery

By the way, another 17% believe that the battery should be discharged “to zero” before charging. But this is not the funniest thing: for example, residents of California in their search queries are often interested in whether it is possible to charge a smartphone in a microwave oven. Forget about stereotypes: charge all night for health (only not in the microwave).

31% are sure that the radiation of screening machines can erase the contents of the HDD and memory cards

This myth is already with a beard: when everything was filmed, it was worth really being afraid of x-rays. But for modern media, they are absolutely harmless. Moreover, metal detector frames cannot harm the equipment: we ourselves heard how passengers at the airport coped with this.

30% are sure that the computer must be turned off at night

This applies mainly to office workers. In principle, any reboot after a long time of work can speed up the execution of tasks: all the processes that you have launched during this time will simply be unloaded from memory. But, of course, there is no direct connection between the operating time and productivity.

17% believe that Apple computers are immune to viruses

How vulnerable too. Of course, the Apple system significantly complicates the work of hackers, but one cannot speak of 100% protection. However, the chances of getting a bug on a Mac are much less than on Windows computers.

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